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  1. username_taken

    VAWA For men

    Domestic violence laws in the US are gender neutral. That means they apply equally to men and women. Nor does the height/weight of each party matter. Like the above post says- there are special male domestic violence victim groups and programs. You can use google to see if there are any local to you that you can contact for help. ... The shelter situation in the US for victims of DV (male and female) is really embarrassingly bad. Many people are often turned away. You may have other options. Have you considered a restraining order stating she has to leave and if she did could you stay? The most important thing is your safety and separating from her both physically and legally. Your choices for that is to either contact a family attny for a divorce and an immigration attny for VAWA or attempt to do both processes yourself. Join the VAWA thread in this subforum. Many people there are doing VAWA on their own (no attny) and are successful with the help of the forum and sandra who posts in it. If you can are not comfortable doing it on your own then there are pro bono attnys for both immigration and family matters but you have to be able to find one, not everyone can. If you are going to pay on your own for VAWA attny it averages 3-10k and divorce can be 1-2k to start and depending how long it takes can cost a whole lot more.
  2. username_taken

    B2 Tourist Visa Extension

    @HappyAndIKnowIt First I want to say I sympathize with you. You seem to have thought everything out and have a lot covered. Im not sure how much more advice you can get besides whats already been told. Plus this thread is turning more into a relationship issue then an immigration one... Immigration wise the MIL will have various issues. Please understand that NONE of her immigration issues will be of any help to you in family court (except obviously for her actually departing the US, so she wont be here). If she is illegal or a tourist or a pending whatever it does not matter to family court. You have so many other valid things that you can use as an argument in family court- pursue them and let the immigration aspect of her status go.
  3. Hello, I need help with the FAFSA registration my dear. Sorry I try to send you a PM but couldn't go through. Would you please help me with the steps. I'm on my third PM

    God bless you!



  4. username_taken

    K1 to DCF possible?

    I dont want to re-hash things that have already been went over multiple times- so Im only going to say this once in a different way then has already been posted in hope it makes it clearer for the OP. For the K visa you need to be single (not married). The Embassy can ask you to prove you are 'not married'- esp because they have a copy of a license or certificate you previously presented to them. Now I understand your point that USCIS wanted you to prove the certificate was legit the first time around and you couldnt- BUT and this a big BUT- but that doesnt mean that USCIS determined or made a finding that you werent married the first time. They only determined that you couldnt PROVE you were married. Theres a difference between 1. not being able to prove you are married and 2. being able to prove you are single. I know it sounds like mincing words but USCIS views this as distinct and separate findings. They didnt make a finding that you were single but rather that you couldnt prove you were married. When doing the K you will have to prove you are not married- ie show the certificate they have is invalid (vs the first time where you had to show it was valid). Does this make more sense. People here are not being rude or misunderstanding but rather trying to make sure you understand whats going to happen.... Also after you marry on the K you file AOS which includes the EAD/AP card. It is suppose to take 90 days to get the EAD/AP after filing but currently there is an overflow of petitions and it has been taking 4-6 months to get the card. So realistically when someone comes on a K they can expect 3-6 months of not being able to work or travel and then 1- 1.5yrs to get the actual card. Its not that much time difference from attempting to do DCF in terms of how long before you can work in the US. Maybe its best to encourage your partner to embrace the 3-6 months of time off in the US to get settled and set up your home and get to know the area and neighbors. Some K's volunteer to keep busy. There are also free online classes and hobbies to keep someone busy. Downtime can be good.
  5. username_taken

    B2 Tourist Visa Extension

    What you posted is logical but unfortunately the law takes a different approach. In ALL family courts that I know of immigration status is a non-issue. It is not considered when deciding custody matters. I know logically people think of course it matters but it doesnt. It is possible and happens every day that illegal aliens get custody/visitation/child support etc. Once again, immigration matters are not relevant in family court and if you attempt to bring them up you will quickly be shut down.
  6. @WORRIEDSPOUSE Please read the TOS and post accordingly. If needed you can report a post for violating TOS, just like how I reported yours.
  7. username_taken

    VAWA, Part 13

    From what I understand the prima facie should make you eligible for FASFA , If you need help with this you can send me a message and I will see what I can do to help you. https://ifap.ed.gov/fsahandbook/attachments/1819FSAHbkVol1Ch2.pdf
  8. username_taken

    VAWA, Part 13

    Many people here have gotten citizenship at 3yrs through VAWA. Sometimes they have to send the policy memo showing they are eligible but they are 100% eligible at 3 yrs based on VAWA approved GC.
  9. username_taken

    VAWA, Part 13

    I want to echo this. According to what Sandra has posted everyone should get the affidavits notarized if at all possible. The adjudication officer does have ultimate discretion when reviewing evidence. If a statement is presented and it is not notarized the officer does not have to acknowledge it or give it the same weight as a notarized statement. Getting something notarized is very simple. Many banks offer free notary services to their customers or even some places like Mail box etc stores offer notary services for a few dollars. One should be able to use google to find local notaries.
  10. username_taken

    EAD - C8 or C9

    You can ONLY renew EADS in the same category it was issued. You can not transfer a category c08 to a c09. If it was issued as C08 and needs to be renewed then it would be renewed as a C08. If you want a C09 card you have to apply for it from scratch. Using the wrong category for a renewal will cause the renewal to get denied.
  11. i have same issue of I-751 Waiver hardship which u discussed in the thread link i have given below...please can you help me out 




  12. username_taken

    ROC update need help!!!

    @xillini Im not saying everything you posted is incorrect but rather what you posted is extreme OVERKILL. The OP needs practical advice- and its really very basic. They just need to contact the HR department. Many many people have issues with their extension letters everywhere from work to DMV to banks. Its not a big deal. For work issues you just show the correct person in HR the 'official' links from USCIS explaining it. There is no reason to threaten legal action. As an employer if I had an employee threatening a legal suit right off the bat, well I may be inclined to let the employee go for other reasons after this situation is resolved. No one wants to be involved with those who are so quick to sue for any reason. Also if you read the OP post carefully they filed for ROC in 5/18. Extensions use to be for 1 year, so their one year is going to be up soon and its most likely the company has not updated its system to show the new extension letters are for 18 months and not 12. Seems to be a computer issue and all they have to do is talk to an actual person at HR to resolve this.
  13. username_taken

    ROC update need help!!!

    Exactly. And I doubt if an expedite request was sent the response from USCIS would be that detailed. Typically a denied expedite request simply says you dont meet the criteria- its not a multi page letter explaining the laws and why you dont qualify. It seems many people now a days are litigation happy. Any thing that happens and the answer is to sue!
  14. You can also be approved on the joint petition you already filed IF you both want to stay on the joint petition. You must still be legally married for this. You can be in divorce proceedings but not officially divorced however. It is your choice if you want to file for divorce (look up how long it takes) or if you want to stay on the joint and hope he doesnt change his mind. Once you divorce you dont technically need to move out. You can live where ever you want. If you just sent in your packet in Feb its only been 2 months right? So you have a very long wait. It can take apx a year or longer.
  15. Uber wont count. Uber is paid on a 1099 (self employed) and self employed need to show at least 1 year of income to demonstrate its stable. Any 'employee' job that pays on W2 is good. 1099 is bad. He should understand what that means if you dont! What Embassy is this? I know the PI embassy doesnt take co-sponsors but lately they stopped looking at the 134 all together. Is there really no one he can ask to co-sponsor? The 134 is NOT binding. It will only be effective for the 90 days rather then the apx 10 year the 864 binds you for... \