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  1. Hello! I'm new here, so please be gentle. ☺️ I've done a lot of scouring, but I want to share some details of my specific situation. I'm an American currently waiting on the finalization of my divorce which should happen sometime in September. My boyfriend (Cambodian) and I are planning to get engaged in early September when I visit Cambodia. I'm hoping to not have to go through the hoopla of a traditional engagement ceremony. First question: Is it imperative that the engagement ceremony happens? I was initially planning on filing I-129F (K-1) as soon as my divorce is finalized, but thanks to everyone here, I've learned about the I-130 (CR-1). I plan to go back to Cambodia in December/January, so I'm wondering if this seems like the right timeline and best course of action for my scenario. September 2022 - Get engaged in Cambodia December 2022 - Get married in Cambodia February 2023 - File I-130 when I return to the US (Is it possible to file in December from Cambodia since it's online?) Considerations: It's important to me that we do this right, and as expeditiously as possible (recognizing it can take years). I want to go with the path of least resistance, but most importantly, I want his transition to American life to be as seamless as possible, hence the consideration for CR-1. Is there anything I can or should do while I'm in Cambodia in September to make the process smoother? For example, should I make an appointment with the U.S. Embassy to confirm which documents I'll need on my December trip to get legally married? Thanks in advance!
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