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  1. Oh, you may be right. I think I read the child is now 9. But I guess the mother has been here for 5 years? Sorry, I went to public school.
  2. Yes it is Friday and it's my last day of work, forever. 2 1/2 hours to go. 25 years and one month service in Prosecutors office. Wife is US citizen already. All legally I might add.
  3. Quite honestly I am confused. So you left your daughter in the Philippines for years and now you want to bring her, and your mom will miss her so much. You were unable to care for her when you came to the US? It's kind of confusing. But I wish you and your daughter/husband the best. Good luck and God Bless.
  4. Try to avoid getting too excited. This does not mean they have approved your request. It just means they have made a decision on your request. But good luck and God Bless anyway, Aloha david
  5. You show me two people who got their fiance visas issued in 6 months and I'll eat my hat!
  6. My wife, from Philippines had never had any immunizations before I met her. Not even a flu shot. As I recall the doctors at her medical just asked her which shots she had been given. They then gave what was age appropriate for her.(She was 19 at the time)
  7. Have you ever thought about moving to Mexico? You appear to be so angry at the United States.
  8. OMG, you are brave! You used the "illegal" word. You might be banned forever by one of the over veracious moderators. I think we have to refer to them as "immigrants". Of course I'm being sarcastic. Remember when they were called "Illegal Aliens"? This political correctness has gone way overboard. hahaha
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