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    isa30 reacted to slidingdoors in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    In the free consultation we had with a good lawyer (another friend actually hired him and had a successful AOS) we heard that the EAD typically takes ~70 days. The interview notice comes around the same time but could be a little later. On this site I've heard that if you don't get anything around the 90 day mark, the USCIS will expedite the process if you call them. I would say, wait another 10 days (until day 70) and then call.
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    isa30 reacted to Jiu in May 2012 AOS Filers   
    Thank you very much!
    soon will be you!!
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    isa30 reacted to Caryh in tired of waiting...   
    Plenty are in the same boat. They will not even entertain a service request until its been at the CSC for 6 months. My wife's AOS was filed in November, transfered in December, and she just got her card. Your March transfer is 4 months after ours. Look at the status updates subforum under this one to see how many are waiting for how long. The three months processing after a transfer to the CSC faded away about a year ago. They're over loaded with cases, processing about 1300 per month and falling behind by 3000 per month.
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    isa30 reacted to rakosik in May 2012 AOS Filers   
    Thank you, I felt so beaten down after this interview that all of yours kind words made me feel so much better and finally make me realize the process is almost over for me, just want to get the actual card in the mail and I can finally breathe
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    isa30 reacted to SouthernComfort in May 2012 AOS Filers   
    Nothing for you to worry about. Putting the stamp on your passport means he approved you.
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    isa30 reacted to Jiu in May 2012 AOS Filers   
    I am sorry about your bad experience, but you should celebrate afterall you are approved and have the stamp in your passport.
    Do not take it personally in regards to his behaviour towards you and his comments.
    He will not change his mind. You are approved. Congratulations!
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    isa30 reacted to Trefletatoo in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    Congratulations to all of you for your EAD and interviews dates! That is wonderful...
    Let"s hope there is more good news to come for the rest of us this month!!
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    isa30 reacted to mrsGORE in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    yes but still haven't received my EAD yet
    I thought I'm the only one dreaming bout it lol....and in my dream I was approved lol
    lest pray and hope for you notice soon....
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    isa30 reacted to Presley in Citizenship Denied   
    I thought visa journey was about giving people good advices but not to criticize people. However I found some harsh comments in this tread. I didn't expect that from here. We all know that he lies but don't make it worse by criticizing. As a matter of fact we all were and are aliens.
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    isa30 reacted to JohnR! in Citizenship Denied   
    Since we don't know what really happened, we can only speculate. It would be unwise to make any calls based on hearsay.
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    isa30 reacted to Henry&Rebecca in After USA Wedding - how soon can she depart?   
    I am no expert on the matter, just a guy who did a lot of reading on the matter. It seems to me like you would be better served with marrying her in her country, and then applying for the marriage visa. The reason I say this is because my understanding is that a marriage visa can be used more than once to enter the US, whereas a fiancee visa is a one time entry visa, so if you went with the fiancee visa you'd need an Advanced Parole to reenter (apparently those take 3 months to be in hand) or a Green Card (which apparently takes 6 months to be in hand) after marriage to reenter the US.
    Again... Not an expert. Just a guy who knows how to use Google
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    isa30 reacted to del-2-5-2014 in After USA Wedding - how soon can she depart?   
    She can leave anytime after the marriage but if she intends to come back then she needs to file the AOS and include AP which will allow her to come back without nullifying her status. I think 3 months to get the AP?
    If she intends to continue that work in her country I do not personally see a way for her to migrate, not saying it's impossible. Some of the requirements actually includes length of stay in the US during the process.
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    isa30 reacted to Malagasy in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    JessandPreston, NBC won't be the office adjudicating or approving your I485. The I485 will either be sent on to your local office or the CSC.
    All of our applications are sent to NBC. My understanding is that NBC processes the I485 to ensure all required evidence exist. If not they'll issue a RFE. Once NBC determines the I485 is complete the I485 is then forwarded to your local office or possibly, CSC (for faster processing.. hee,hee).
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    isa30 reacted to LindaC1990 in June 2012 Filers   
    I am hoping by the end of this month we will get it
    and we SHOULD !!
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    isa30 reacted to McFly in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    You know what, I choose to believe that we will ALL get interviews in September at the latest!!
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    isa30 reacted to didopage in June 2012 Filers   
    It depends a lot. If your case is transferred to CSC after your biometrics, it may take a long time, several months. If it's transferred to your local USCIS office, it can be relatively quick, like a month. So, wait and see. :-)
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    isa30 reacted to Harpa Timsah in AOS Application routed to NBC???   
    Normal. A lockbox is an intake center, not a place where files are adjudicated. It has nothing to do with whether Chicago Lockbox is busy or not. All AOS files go to NBC.
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    isa30 reacted to Dave&Judy in RED FLAG??   
    Good luck to both of you !!
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    isa30 reacted to Angeltots in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    Thanks much,.same to you!! We deserve a relaxing vacation!
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    isa30 reacted to Dave&Roza in I-485 "returned as undeliverable" with no notice of approval/denial?   
    Goto the local postoffice and make certain that your name is associated with the address especially since you are using your maiden name and it is an apartment. This happened to the wife with her SSC, a letter I mailed her to check that mail was getting to her and one of the notices with the AOS/EAD/AP. Typically it is a substutite carrier that decides upon themselves that a person does not live at that address and will return the mail. Too bad they are Federal workers as tamporing with the mail is a Federal offense. My local post office asked if my wife's name was on the mailbox. I asked what difference does that make? So I filled out a few forms and went home and put her name on the card inside the mailbox.
    This does not seem to be much of a problem at our house. It is more of a problem at apartment complexes. After making sure you are receiving mail, get in touch with the USCIS to see what is going on. When I received that letter, I called them and asked them to resend the notice. If that fails try an infoPASS appointment and see if you can get things straightened out.
    Good luck,
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    isa30 reacted to ceadsearc in I-485 "returned as undeliverable" with no notice of approval/denial?   
    From the sounds of it you were approved and for some reason your GC was not delivered. Do you know if your case was at the California Service Center (since you didn't mention an interview)? Your profile says Vermont Service center but your case shouldn't be there.
    I know USCIS' # said that wasn't the case but when you call, you get a customer service rep, NOT someone from USCIS. I suggest you schedule an Infopass to get things straightened out and in the meantime verify that the immigrant's name is inside the mailbox.
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    isa30 reacted to Angeltots in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    Me too isa!!! I wanna get a manipedi to cheer me up.
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    isa30 reacted to sn530 in Advantage for Interview with LAWYER   
    I dont think its advisable to take a lawyer to the interview. Its almost like taking a lawyer to buy a car, yes they can read the contract and maybe negotiate a little but all you end up doing is spending unnecessary money and gearing up the agent who is going to interview you to look further into details. If you have nothing to hide there is no reason to have a lawyer present. This process was made so individuals could go through this process without the assistance of a lawyer. So save yourself the money and the headeach that will be created with the need to drag in a lawyer.
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    isa30 reacted to Anh map in New and don't know where to start   
    You've already made your choice on that. Don't leave the US until you receive the GC or you will get a ban to reentry.
    File the forms as listed.
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    isa30 reacted to didopage in June 2012 Filers   
    Not at all. The deal was to get married in the 90 days after entry, that's all. AOS can be filed anytime after getting married, and you are still legal on the country, even after those 90 days will be done. Many people have an AOS application pending, and it's been for example 6 months past their POE.
    I am myself past my 90 days after POE, and completely legal here! :-)
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