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  1. 7/1/20: I-797 notice date 8/12/20: fingerprints reused 3/8/21: "New card is being produced" Previously interviewed for AOS. Summary of evidence submitted: - kid's birth cert - leases from start of marriage to home purchase - house deed - tax transcripts - life/health/auto insurance - 401k beneficiary info - utility/mortgage bills (most recent only) - plane tickets for one domestic trip - 10 photos printed in black-and-white on 5 pages Best wishes to those still waiting!
  2. It's possible they're just hiding behind Fannie Mae's name to get you to cough up the documents they are familiar with. I recently had to use my expired GC + I-797 for a refi and here's the letter of explanation I submitted (to a online-only startup at that): To whom it may concern, Enclosed please find a copy of Form I-797 issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), indicating that my permanent resident card has been extended for 18 months from the original date of expiration. I received my marriage-based Permanent Resident card in <mm/yyyy>, following my marriage to <spouse> in <mm/yyyy>. As we had been married for less than 2 years on the date that I was granted permanent resident status, I was issued a conditional permanent resident card which is conditional only upon our continued marriage for 2 years from my date of status. I met this condition in <mm/yyyy>. Upon meeting the condition of my permanent resident status, I was eligible to receive a regular permanent resident card valid for 10 years. The USCIS received my application to remove the condition of my permanent resident status (Form I-751) on <date> and has issued Form I-797 to indicate that the validity of my current permanent resident card has been extended while my new permanent resident card is being processed. The USCIS processing times for Form I-751 at my assigned processing center can take up to <n> months, as indicated by the official processing times website (ref. attached screenshot of processing times). Enclosed you will also find a copy of official USCIS policies which indicate the following: • My receipt notice (Form I-797) for filing Form I-751 extends the validity of my conditional permanent resident status for 18 months (ref. attached screenshot of USCIS policies on Removing Conditions on Permanent Residence Based on Marriage, page 2). Thank you, <name> The screenshot of the policies were taken from https://www.uscis.gov/green-card/after-we-grant-your-green-card/conditional-permanent-residence/removing-conditions-on-permanent-residence-based-on-marriage where I expanded the item "Work Permit".
  3. I wonder about the same, seeing I have no reason to pay for passport renewal (and travel to consulate) otherwise. However, I do see getting a stamp on the i-94 as a potential easy way out, assuming the copy you print out from the i-94 website is good enough..
  4. Got NOA from LIN service center today. I-751 timeline (also in profile): - 6/19/20 Filing window opened - 6/20/20 Mailed package via USPS Priority Mail to Arizona lockbox - 6/23/20 Package delivered - 6/26/20 Acceptance Confirmation email with LIN receipt number - 7/13/20 NOA received in mail with notice date 7/1/20
  5. Hi all, first post here. Apologies if this is not the right forum. I sent off my AOS package on 2/26/18 and was surprised to have received an RFE for the I-485 related to I-864 this early (3/30/18). The wording is fairly standard and complains of two errors: 1. The immigrant's USC spouse did not supply sufficient evidence of current income. 2. The immigrant's own income as an F-1 student (~$30k/yr) can't be included (I didn't know that ). The thing is, I had also included in the I-864 a sum of liquid assets (stocks and bonds) that exceeded the 3X poverty guideline requirement by far ($250k+ vs. 125% of HHS poverty guideline for household of 2 ~$20,300). Since my spouse's income at her current part-time job is meager (< $10k annualized, also set to end pretty soon), I was wondering if we can just ask USCIS to forget about our income and just focus on the assets alone? If that's possible, do we still have to obtain all that employer letter etc.? Thank you very much for your kind input. I've learned a lot reading on this forum and hope that my experience will eventually contribute to the collective body of knowledge.
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