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  1. Go to your oath ceremony if you know the date and place regardless of not getting the letter in mail. When you go there just tell them you did not receive the letter(could be lost in the mail) & they might assist you cause they have your name on the list.
  2. Hi Everyone, just wanted to give an update about my case...😊 Filled -online- 01/27/2019(5 year rule) NOA- 01/27/2019 Biometric- 02/20/2019 Interview- 07/12/2019 Oath- 08/21/2019 field office- Fairfax,VA So excited to finish the process and become a US citizen. P.s- No more waiting in custom line when traveling 🤩🤩🤩😏. Can get through express line yippie...
  3. Wow .. Congratulations!! Sometimes USCIS does some silly stuff.....
  4. Thank you for the information. How come you wife got a letter date for oath 🧐
  5. 5 year rule- Filed online- 01/27/2019 NoA- 01/27/2019 Biometrics- 02/20/2019 Interview-07/12/2019 Approved-Yes! Oath-..........Waiting.... Local CIS office- Washington DC. Aldie, Virginia.
  6. No still waiting for the oath letter. Did you get mail or you checked online USCIS page?
  7. Hi guys, can you please add me to the list. I’m currently waiting for Oath Letter. From Virginia
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