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  1. Call them! I received my green card exactly 5 months after my POE. Yours will be fine, it just takes time!
  2. Hi, I have been waiting for physical green card about 137 days since Sep 21, and paid the fee early September. I called them and got a reference number. Then they promise to give me an response today and I got nothing. I’m wondering how did you get yours since you said it took you like 170-180 days
  3. Yeah. Tomorrow is the exactly 14 days which they’re supposed to response. So disappointed.
  4. Dear all, is it right??? It shows not assigned to process. Am I still on the queue or they decided not to process my case?😭
  5. Thank you for telling me this. Very appreciated, I will see next week if any update, then we will write to congresswoman for sure.
  6. I have social security card already before applied CR1, because I was studying here years ago. Does that matter? They won’t notice my case?
  7. I have been waiting for 131 days after POE until today. I called the USCIS last week and they made an inquiry, so they told me I should expect a response on Feb 5. This is very frustrating to deal with this.
  8. Hey. Do you guys receive green card yet? I’m very frustrated because I have been here 131 days and no green card yet. I called USCIS, and they made an inquiry for me last week. I’m so afraid that I will receive same thing just like package lost.... me and my husband don’t have time to call USCIS just because their mistake. May I know your experience? Thank you very much.
  9. Hello, how do we know our case was going to Texas service center? I’m the one waiting for physical green card with I-551 stamp. I’m at 131 days now and just requested an inquiry last week. But until today, my case is still showing payment received. Very frustrated...
  10. Thank you. I have a referral number T1B*********** that they gave me after we called last Tuesday. But until today my status is still showing “payment received” . I will wait until next Wednesday if any change.
  11. Yes, and I already have work now. I won’t have time to schedule infopass and call USCIS all the time just because their delay procedure. 😡😡
  12. Thank you for letting me know this information. However, I do hope I can receive my green card before the trip as today is already 130 days after POE. So frustrated of waiting....
  13. Thank you for reply. That’s one of my family’s wedding. I can’t postpone my trip, I guess I will just wait. So annoying Sigh
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