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  1. Well it’s finally come to an end. I’m now an American citizen.
  2. Because you’re in the wrong forum. There’s a sub forum for progress.
  3. Just try switching browser. Worked mostly in chrome. Sometimes in Firefox and not for days in ie.
  4. Your post did not come across as helpful at all. ‘May be contact them again’ - who? It’s time to contact other people now!
  5. Updated today. Original interview was July 23rd but rescheduled to August 8th. August 29, 2019 We scheduled your naturalization ceremony View your letter on your documents tab for the ceremony date, time, and location
  6. Do you think your pending 571 is the hold up though? mines a simple 5yr application, nothing else involved. I wonder if the others before you had anything pending?
  7. I don't see that field on the form... just interview notice date and interview date, then just oath date no oath notice date?
  8. My DC timeline FYI Feb 5th Submitted App Feb 9th Biometric scheduled for 26th (walked in 22nd) June 20th Interview scheduled for July 25th – couldn’t attend so submitted reschedule July 23rd Interview scheduled for August 8th August 8th Approved and placed in line for oath
  9. On of those stupid questions on the form to catch you out - obviously if you're applying for citizenship via marriage you've been married once - just a trick question but the answer is 1
  10. We approved your application Your final step to becoming a citizen is to attend your naturalization ceremony We will mail you a letter when we schedule your naturalization ceremony. Estimated wait time: 3 months
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