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  1. My DC timeline FYI Feb 5th Submitted App Feb 9th Biometric scheduled for 26th (walked in 22nd) June 20th Interview scheduled for July 25th – couldn’t attend so submitted reschedule July 23rd Interview scheduled for August 8th August 8th Approved and placed in line for oath
  2. On of those stupid questions on the form to catch you out - obviously if you're applying for citizenship via marriage you've been married once - just a trick question but the answer is 1
  3. We approved your application Your final step to becoming a citizen is to attend your naturalization ceremony We will mail you a letter when we schedule your naturalization ceremony. Estimated wait time: 3 months
  4. Can people please stop quoting the table in their replies - takes ages to scroll when viewing on a phone
  5. Mine did too. You’re still waiting? Im waiting for a reschedule notice.
  6. Someone did post that they use a LIFO policy - which is bs.
  7. I just printed out a new letter and shipping - thought id check one last time. Still no status update, timeline still shows nothing, but on the documents tab a letter appeared for july 6th showing they de-scheduled my interview! half the battle at least.
  8. Its been a couple of weeks; I called last week and was told to go pound sand basically. They couldn't confirm they got my letter etc. I cant set up an infopass as my office doesn't do them now apparently and I could get a no show on my file. I guess ill send another letter today.
  9. I see that my letter arrived last Thursday - ive still yet to see a change on my account. I didn't expect to be rescheduled this quick but I thought id see a de-scheduled. Should I wait? call? infopass?
  10. Guessing this doesn't work any more as I got no response after almost a week of sending the email.
  11. I really don't want the delay but they were about 2wks late sending me the interview according to all the data I gathered on timing... ugh... I said 4mths ago when I booked my flights - you watch; my interview will be that week and it was. I sent email and letter Friday but haven't heard anything yet.
  12. It is, I sent an email Friday but plan to send a letter today too. I wish I didn't have to do it but they managed to pick the only week I could get overseas due to work and my wifes job etc.
  13. Filed Feb 6th, VA, should have gotten letter around June 10th (but they waited till June 20th like they knew!) so my interview is 2 days before I get back from overseas. I need to reschedule but have read mostly horror stories of doing so?
  14. June 20, 2019 We scheduled your interview I don't have the date yet but I know its going to be the week I'm booked to travel overseas - how bad is it trying to postpone an interview; do they look on you with disgust and make you wait another 6mths?
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