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  1. yay!!!! Congrats!!! Be well prepared! bring newest year tax returns (1040 with all schedules, w2s etc) And all the docs listed on the interview notice. For my case, they asked me for my birth certificate with translation during the interview in order to approve. Also update: My parent's Green card is arriving today in the mail
  2. Some updates in march, case approved. I updated the timeline by my signature, but these are the relevant events: 03/02/2022 → Interview scheduled. Notice coming in the mail soon. 03/17/2022 → I-130 Approved! Noa in the mail two days later. 03/31/2022 → Interview day and I-485 Card produced by the time we were leaving. 04/01/2022 → Case approved 04/04/2022 → NOA Case Approved arrived in the mail. Waiting on green card! I was able to translate for my parent. Because I filed I-130 online and it was separate (still concurrent), it got approved before the interview. They requested my original birth certificate and translation during the interview. I had that ready.
  3. My parent's interview has been scheduled on March 2nd. Waiting for the notice to find out when it will be.
  4. Ohh! No it wasn't. But if you are a US citizen it is fine if you file before or after their status is expired. It's usually not an issue for parents of US citizens as long as they were inspected when they did enter. 6 months ago. 10 years ago. It does not matter.
  5. Hi Lady_L! Nice!! Now it's the waiting game but I believe things are picking up the regular pace and you won't wait forever. Parent previous status was visitor. My full timeline is in my signature (below this post). If you are on mobile, check the desktop version of it so you can see it.
  6. For whatever reason, the SS office never shows records for you from USCIS. But you are rushing, it takes about 4 weeks. So you would get your SS card after January 20th or so It's ok to go to the appointment too if it is easier for you. It won't show records until they issue it. For example mine was issued 29 days after the EAD approval...
  7. Received social security card today in the mail! That was based on the EAD approvals we didn't contact the SSN office or anything.
  8. Hello Hagrid,


    Did you receive your SS card yet?

  9. Does the envelope with the card have tracking and it never updated in the online case status? Or is it a regular envelope these days?
  10. Yay! It's a combo card. Today for me both work permit and travel permit updated to case was approved. Sometimes the i131 does not update, it's still a combo card if you filed them together.
  11. It's the combo card! The i131 status will update later (week later or so) to case closed or it will never update.
  12. Haha ok! So I just got the update as well! EAD new card is being produced!!
  13. Yay! That is great news and it gives all of us here hope!! My received date is also May 06 for the work permit and NOA May 26! Hope to hear soon from them!
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