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  1. My FO is also in Nashville. I heard of people that have been waiting for an interview for a year now.
  2. Not at all. I filed the expedite via Emma talking to a live agent. Expedite request was made based on financial hardship. 2 days later I received the request per evidence via e-mail. I then faxed my evidence a week later because I needed the job offer in writing. I also attached medical bills from my daughters birth and the birth certficate (she was born after we filed). So job offer + medical bills that showed financial hardship. I think they are denying expedite requests nowadays solely on job offer.
  3. I have expedited my EAD and just got the notification today that "New card is being produced!".
  4. I filed my expedite 2 weeks ago and it is also stuck in Expedite Request Received. Although they sent me an e-mail asking for evidence, which I have sent already. My congressman did not respond to me so I reached out to the senators office which was way more helpful.
  5. I am also at Nashville FO. I guess we have 3 Nashville filers in this thread? Sweet! I have been "Ready to be scheduled for an interview" since my bio. Reading through several forums I have not seen any people scheduled for interview with a PD in 2021. September/October '20 just now getting scheduled... I have filed for an expedite of my I-765 and requested support from Senator Hagertys office but no response yet.
  6. Did you expedite? That EAD came fast considering your PD is in March 2021.
  7. Update: 5/21/21 - PD 5/20/21 - Mailed 5/21/21 - Received 6/14/21 - 485/130/131/765 NOA received via Mail 7/23/21 - Received Biometrics Appointment 8/09/21 - Biometrics Taken 8/17/21 - Case is ready to be scheduled for an Interview
  8. That’s awesome. I am also at Nashville FO. I had my bio last Monday in Atlanta. so far I have only read positive things about Nashville FO
  9. Also had my bio appointment yesterday 8/9/21. no update in the system but not worried. I have seen interviews not getting scheduled shortly after the Bio appointment, so I have my fingers crossed,
  10. To my knowledge only L-1 and H-1 visas are dual intent visas, that allow the petitioner to travel outside the U.S.A after filing AOS. For all other visas you should not leave the country without your PD. My lawyer also told me that I should not leave the country until my AOS is done. I would suggest either postponing your trip if you want your GC/EAD/PD as soon as possible or you file AOS after you return from your trip.
  11. My FO is Nashville, TN. But my biometrics appointment is in Atlanta, GA.
  12. Got my Biometrics appointment today, although EMMA told me yesterday that it is not scheduled. Scheduled for 08/09/21.
  13. No feedback through EMMA. All they said is that it is not scheduled. Although scheduled by NBC, I wonder if the capacity at the FO plays a role. Not sure. I will just wait
  14. They are flying through your application. I am still waiting on Biometrics.
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