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  1. If that happens, its usualy a tehnical issue. Dont stress about it. You can always call the customer service number and speak to them . Good uck
  2. You are right mushroom. I think you took my reply out of context. I have had my cousin’s removal of conditions denied after he filed for n400. I am not saying that’s is a universal rule. The essence of this website to share experiences we have been through or witnessed so PLEASE CALM DOWN
  3. I was in the same situation. I waited until I had my 10 years before applying for citizenship. You do have the right to apply for citizenship when your time is due even if you have not gotten your removal of conditions approved. However, the officer in charge of your case would want to find out why the rush. This will let them scrutinized your l751 thoroughly which could lead to a denial. Even though u can file the N400 now, I would advice you wait. Sometimes you gotta let USCIS know that your life doesn’t depend on them .
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