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  1. I guess this question is more specific for the US embassy at Ghana since I noticed it varies by country. Is it necessary to wait for the P3 to schedule the interview? Or can you schedule when you see Ready?
  2. Thanks! “Emma” asked if I’d like to do a live chat because she couldn’t answer my question. Then a live employee came on.
  3. Finally! Got NOA2. Felt like foreverrrrrrrr!

    1. Sea Leslie

      Sea Leslie

      Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🥳

    2. abamichelle


      Thank you!

  4. I have my NOA2. Came in the mail last Friday. On the website, it still says received and the last update was in July.
  5. Hey everyone, so I've been on the USCIS case status website for over a week (got noa1 7/16/19) and my case said it had been received but no updates. I decided to just do a live chat on the USCIS contact service website and found out that I had been approved! Not sure if anyone is also having this issue where their actual status is not showing up but you can contact USCIS and they'll let you know the status.
  6. Did u already fill the ds-160 and paid the fee??
  7. Hi, I just saw on another post that interview dates are now available!
  8. You should definitely call USCIS. I used an attorney as well but I check my case status daily.
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