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  1. CO_Tonya, this sounds like the exact situation for me. Next week will be going on 12 weeks since NVC received our case from Nebraska. I called 8 weeks and then again after the 9 weeks and was told that they didn't receive it until June 20th (which is wrong - NVC received it April 23rd) and immediately I asked them to escalate to a supervisor to correct. I've called repeatedly and have been told it is in the review stage or QC stage and I should hear any day, but nope. Last week I was told it is flagged for review, but that could take up to 6 weeks. Ugh. I guess we will just hold tight. Nothing I can do at this point but to wait and see if I hear anything from the review. Best of luck and it will all work out!
  2. Received mine April 23rd. Still waiting for case number. I’ve called over ten times the last few weeks.
  3. Good morning! Case approved. NSC PD Sept. 13th, 2017 Approved April 9th, 2018 207 days When I originally filed, I thought I wouldn't hear until at least June. Good luck everyone.
  4. Congratulations on receiving your new citizenship. Thank-you for the detailed review of your experience. My wife received her Canadian citizenship 10 years ago and the ceremony in our small-ish town of Kelowna was very nice. I remember the judge discussing his heartfelt journey as an immigrant and listing all the many countries represented - which amazed me considering the size of Kelowna. All the best.
  5. Thanks for the information, acidrain.
  6. Not sure why that comment helps. I read the first response carefully. All you said is that it can be reinstated and it won't save time. You didn't elaborate.
  7. Thanks pushbrk! I'm hoping that if there is an approved I-130 out there, it will save me 9+ months of waiting at the NSC prior to NVC stage.
  8. Originally, twelve years ago, my wife submitted an I-130 petition to begin the process of obtaining a K3 visa for me.Our petition was sent to the California Service Center and we received an NOA1, but shortly after we abandoned the application. We have since stayed in my home country of Canada, but recently we sent in another I-130 petition (for IR-1 visa) believing that the original petition had expired given that it has been twelve years. This recent petition has been received by NSC. Today, I read on VJ that I-130's don't expire. So, if true, does that mean that our original petition might be reinstated, if requested, saving us time? Thank-you.
  9. Congratulations! That is a long wait, but I bet it is sweet news. We just submitted last week... we might be down there by Christmas 2018?? MIGHT!
  10. That's awesome. Welcome to the thread. Lots to consider when deciding to file. I find it hard to stop thinking about it. Long road ahead, so I need to be patient. May I ask, what you sent in for bona-fide relationship evidence?
  11. No mention in the email, but the estimated time is from my timeline on Visajourney.com. Once I put in the NOA1 date, it gave me an estimated completion date for the i-130.
  12. Hello everyone. First email received today. We have been assigned to Nebraska. Estimated date to complete I-130 is June 2018. Yikes!
  13. Hi Racheyy! Thanks for doing this. I sent mine in yesterday, September 12th, 2017. It's a long road, but we've done our due diligence. All the best for you and everyone else filing the I-130 in September.
  14. jp178686

    Forms-blank space or n/a

    Destiny2000: I just finished I-130 form and there were many fields that I couldn't type N/A into, so I filled it in with pen once it was printed. I believe it says in the instructions to use N/A and don't leave them blank. Others have mentioned they've left them blank with no problems, though.