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  1. Hello everyone. Any update if IL's were sent out for May batch? I remember reading they were up to mid-Nov DQ date for April. Hoping to see if 2022 can be cleared and start working on 2023 DQ cases.
  2. Hello everyone, thanks @ZRomper for making this thread. Filed 1-130 4/4/22. NOA1 sent on 4/7/22. NOA2 from USCIS 4/19/23. NVC received case 4/22/23 Paid AoS and IV Bills 4/26/23. Submitted all docs through our lawyer 4/28/2023. Received email from NVC on 5/10/23 stating AoS and IV not paid. Responded same day with bank statement showing money taken out of account. Email received stating our case has been DQ'd 5/11/2023. Now waiting for interview date...
  3. Hello everyone, I've noticed some people mentioning that USCIS website was down, so I decided to check my account. Lo and behold, I see the approval notice in the documents section! Almost cried out of disbelief. PD: 4/4/2022 AR1: 4/8/2022 ... *cricket noises* ... AR2: 4/19/2023 Approval came from NSC. I did message my congresswoman for an attempt to hasten the process. I'm not sure if that made any difference. I would say better safe than sorry, message them! I originally sent my privacy notice 3/30/2023. A little back and forth from them due to our attorney using a slightly different address when they filed. To everyone waiting, please keep your hopes up! We are all rooting for your approvals! Don't forget to update your timeline, I love to our our journey progress through this whole mess called US Immigration.
  4. Hi friends, April 2022 filer here reporting. I am the petitioner, wife is in India. I-130 standalone. PD 4/4/22 NOA1 4/8/22 Nebraska service center. *crickets* Did I do something wrong? My attorney is a broken record and says "when we get it, we can move on to visa processing." I miss my wife very much 😢
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