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  1. @TBoneTX thanks for the suggestion, but we have tried that and myriad other compressing applications but to no avail ....
  2. @pushbrk tried that too sir with 150 dpi ,couldn't get it below 2mb. could you please tell that can i upload 1040 and tax schedule separately as pdf on CEAC beause , there is a provision for it, but i'm not seeing much material regarding this on the internet.
  3. thanks for answering... i still can add the joint sponsor correctly along with the appropriate docs...so i guess i'll put my hopes that this works otherwise anyways iwould get an rfe or checklist....i have anyhow used the public inquiry to tell them to delete it
  4. @Chancy thanks for the answer, i've searched a lot on this but i couldnt find it anywhere, nowhere in NVC's website it talks about uploading....so was confused some people told me to upload all together...had no clue about it.... @Chancy did you do the same? i mean was it approved?
  5. should I upload 1040+tax schedule together as a single doc or separately as the CEAC has a provision for FEDERAL TAX SCHEDULE
  6. he doesn't have them , so we have the tax return(1040+tax schedule + tax work sheets= 60 pages) , W2's , letter of employment and bank statement
  7. Dear all, We were using rapid visa as our visa agency , at NVC uploading stage they added our joint sponsor as household member and it's showing submitted but 2 docs are still missing in household member section. Since the NVC has suspended call service i had raised an inquiry to delete the household member , since this is going to take time can we submit the correct documents with the right joint sponsor and in the missing household member docs upload a letter or note to delete the household member and not to consider or delete it. since it's already messed up i dont want to wait for NVC to correct it and then submit the docs..... so ill submit it anyhow with the joint sponsors docs
  8. Dear all, We are in the NVC stage and uploading docs to CEAC. Our joint sponsors tax return is 60 page long and contains 1040 along with schedules and worksheets , we are unable to compress it below 2mb even after multiple compressions. The CEAC website does provide option to upload federal tax schedules separately , so can we upload the 1040 and tax schedule separately, also we'll be uploading W2's for 3 years , bank statement and letter of employment. note:we have 3 years tax returns and (the transcripts are not available with the joint sponsor) Please help
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