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  1. Wow I’m really hoping today or by Friday . My husband and I are experiencing having anxiety over this . I don’t understand , we’ve been approved , well into the 4th week AFTER the interview yet my husband still isn’t here . He’s going to DHL this afternoon
  2. Hey everyone haven’t viewed this forum in a while . Husband had an interview and was approved July 25th . Unfortunately he hasn’t received his passport back yet , also his status changed to issued August 7th
  3. You’re in a whole other category so I’m assuming the wait time is different . Plus those emotions hit different when you’re anticipating being with the one you love
  4. My feelings are hurt , lord when will this be over smh
  5. I agree that’s really unacceptable that whole next week will make it a month . The organization of logistics needs to be improved . It’s unfair waiting for passport pickup email as well
  6. Yayyyy congrats I was hoping to see some good news
  7. Hey kya congrats usually approx 6 weeks my husband was CC was May 6th inteview letter received : June 20th
  8. Good morning husband visa was finally issued this morning , now we just have to wait to receive the pickup email
  9. Good morning All My Husband Visa was “ issued “ today . Now we wait for pickup
  10. My husband interview was 7/25 and his status is AP as of now even with receiving a verbal confirmation of approval from CO and no additional documents requested
  11. I just got off the phone with my husband HE WAS APPROVED I’m so overwhelmed and I can’t stop crying 😢😢❤️❤️❤️😱 Thank you to everyone who supported me , provided your words of wisdom and experiences.
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