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    Married: 6/17/11
    I-130 Sent: 7/9/11 (Petition for K3)
    NOA1 : 7/14/11
    I-129F Sent: 7/21/11
    NOA1: 7/21/11
    NOA2: 8/22/11
    NVC Received: 8/24/11
    NVC Left: 8/26/11 (NVC failed to Admin Closed the K3)
    Consulate Received: 9/5/11
    Packet 4 Received: 10/4/11 (Beneficiary Never received - Only Myself)
    Visa Application Fee: 10/20/11
    Medical Done: 11/14/11
    Interview: 11/23/11
    Visa Application Fee: 11/23/11 (Banco Popular Charged the Incorrect Amount so we had to re-pay)
    Approved: 11/23/11
    Changed to CR1: 12/13/11
    IV & AoS Paid: 12/15/11
    Expedite Request Approved: 12/15/11
    Sent to Embassy: 12/20/11
    Embassy Received: 12/29/11
    Embassy Appt: 1/4/12
    Medical Re-Done: 1/5/12
    Documents Submitted - Again: 1/17/12
    Visa Issued: 1/19/12
    Visa Delivery: 1/23/12
    POE: 2/18/11
    He Left Me: 2/24/12
    Reported him to immigration: 2/25/12
    GC arrived: 4/14/12

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  1. Well, very very very sadly I won't be going to see the love of my life tomorrow. I have to take a loss on a flight because unfortunately, some people in this world just do not value, respect, or consider others as they should. I'm so blessed to have my husband and I'm happy to be a positive part of his life after he's had such a huge lack of "family unity" . He has made me such a complete and happy women, and I hope I do the same for him. Love & Miss U baby

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    2. Samantha78


      Mrs. Lantigua......The rest of his family are absolutely fabulous and I love the dearly. So one bad apple with not ruin my dreams....my husband is very upset about his fathers actions and plans on cutting ties as much as possible once he's here. His dad uses money as an incentive and that's the problem. But my baby's smart....he also has seen very quickly who is sincere in his life. ;)

    3. stronger


      You seem to also be a smart girl. And yes, I was a musicians assistant. I saw first hand what money and fame do to people. When I first met Tolga I told him, if fame is your goal I am not the woman for you. I hate that life. He wants family first. I'm very happy about that. And for your love, he can do his music here as well. People who try to leverage money for love always get set aside. You have a good man. Hold on to him!

    4. Samantha78


      awwww...thank you ;)