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  1. Husband interview was yesterday and he was approved 😃. My CC was 30June and I requested an expedite after CC for an early interview. I’m a very happy to be at the end the visa journey. Good luck everyone and may you be reunited with loved one very soon!
  2. I am sorry to hear you’re going through this. It surprises me you have to wait this long. On 7/11 NVC sent me an email that the embassy accepted my expedite. 7/13 received email that my case documents were in transit to Senegal. I sent the embassy an email the same day to ask how soon we can schedule an interview. I received an automated response from them about waiting until they contacted me. To my surprise, the embassy sent an email on 7/17 with the instructions to set up my husband’s appointment. The earliest available appointment was 7/24. I don’t know why they are taking so long with yours.
  3. One-two weeks. My cc was 30JUN and I received the email 10JUL
  4. Hello all, When did you receive the actual interview date letter after NVC sent the “queue for interview” email?
  5. Yes I called this morning 😊
  6. CC as of June 30. They received my documents Jun 26. Non Pivot, Sénégal consulate. Praying we get an interview date soon.
  7. CC as of June 30. They received my documents Jun 26. Non Pivot, Sénégal consulate. Praying we get an interview date soon.
  8. Hello. I called NVC yesterday and they confirmed they’ve received my supporting documents . Does this mean it’s been scanned?
  9. Yes. I filed the DS 260 last night and mailed the supporting documents today.
  10. I sent mine in today through mail. Hopefully it’s faster than what your lawyer said 😊
  11. Thank you. Can I send a copy or does it have to be the original ?
  12. Hello, Do police certificates need to be translated even if there is nothing on record?
  13. Thanks for the reply. Very helpful. Looks like we will be getting a new police certificate.
  14. Hello, I am in the process of getting all my documents together for NVC. How old can the police certificate be for them to accept it? The one I have is a year old. Thanks in advance
  15. Call USCIS and ask them when it was sent. NVC received my case within a few days after USCIS approved. Good luck. Hopefully it’s a small hiccup 🤞