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  1. A girl I know missed her biometrics appointment (she forgot), so she went to the ASC the next day and was able to get it done, but the employees there had to call the consulate and ask for permission. In your case, since you wanted to reschedule everything, and considering the fact that the interview would have happened today, I don't know if there's still time. I hope you got a solution!
  2. A friend of mine had her vaccination documentation marked the same way (K-Visa applicant electing not to be vaccinated at this examination). At the interview, she was issued an RFE and had to go take the missing shot and redo the medical so they could officially put it on her record ($$$). It was all fine though, she received her GC shortly after.
  3. For me, both say "Case is Ready..."! I had my biometrics on 04/01, the old website updated on 04/02 afternoon and the new website on 03/04 morning.
  4. I didn’t submit the 2018 tax return either and had no RFIE! Here’s what I sent along with I-864: 2017 tax return + W2 + 1099 + most recent paystubs + employment letter 2016 tax return 2015 tax return And also 2018 W2 and 1099, but no tax return as my husband hasn’t filed his yet (I thought I’d just throw them in for extra info)
  5. I tried reading all the posts on this thread but it's 47 pages long lol I read comments about the SS card, here's my situation: POE (LAX): 02/02 Wedding in Vegas: 02/14 Up until then, my I-94 record was still not showing on the website, so I decided to go ahead and get married. On Feb 18 I e-mailed the CBP regarding my I-94 and 3 days later it finally showed online. However, they had misspelled my first name lol. I e-mailed them again on the same day requesting a correction but they never did it. Anyway, on March 1st I finally got my marriage certificate in the mail, and that's when I went to the SS office. On my first try, they couldn't go ahead with my request because of my misspelled name on the I-94, so I stepped outside and called the CBP. After insisting and begging, they corrected it over the phone! I went back in and had to wait again in line. This time, they had a problem with the length of my name (I didn't drop any of my birth names, I just added my husband's last name - and I made the mistake of writing all of them under "last name" instead of using the "middle name" box as I did on my AOS. Therefore, of course, they couldn't fit them all on their system. Long story short, and after receiving a very rude treatment by the lady there, she finally sent my request - but under my maiden name, because that's all that she could type into the box. Two weeks later, I got my card in the mail (with my maiden name on it). On March 29 I went back there and this time I put my middle name in the correct box!! No problems whatsoever this time! SAVE case check returned my case to agency on Apr 2nd, so now I'm just waiting for my new card or a denial notice in the mail lol So, basically, my being married was never a problem at the SSA. I was lucky, I guess (except for the whole name length issue).
  6. I was unsure about my field office because my physical address is on Fresno's jurisdiction and my mailing address is on San Fernando's!!! But after receiving my biometrics letter, it looks like I'll be having the interview in San Fernando - which sucks, because the waiting time there is much much longer than in Fresno
  7. I just now remembered to join this thread lol Here's my timeline so far: AOS (I-485, I-131, I-765) sent: 03/6 Received date: 03/8 Text messages with case numbers: 03/12 Letters arrived: 03/16 Biometrics letter arrived: 03/23 Biometrics appointment (ASC San Fernando, CA): 04/01 Updated to "Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview": 04/02
  8. Go on the same website where you scheduled the interview (green page - immigrant) and log in. You’ll be able to schedule the pickup there. The link on the email is in fact incorrect, it directs you to the nonimmigrant page (blue). here: https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-br/iv
  9. You can scan everything, specially because they almost always keep the papers!
  10. I’m from Brazil and I’ll tell you: that list onthe website is the only thing you’ll need to follow. It’s pretty simple and direct. No need for booklets or pretty folders. Just have him bring the required documents from that list and he’ll be absolutely fine. He will receive a sheet of paper upon entrance listing the order he’ll need to put the documents in. That’s it. No secrets. As long as he answers all questions truthfully, he’ll be fine. The interview itself will probably take around 5 minutes.
  11. They won’t do it over the phone. You’ll have to go on their new website and request a courtesy copy of you approval notice (under “services”, or something like that). It happened to me too.
  12. I personally received an *e-mail* from NVC with a letter attached, informing my case # and etc, and that it was being forwarded to the embassy in my country - on the day that it changed from “at NVC” to “in transit”. That was 35 days post noa2.
  13. K1 visas go under immigrant category on ceac website. If it says “at NVC”, it’s because it’s at NVC and they haven’t sent it to the embassy yet. Once they do, it’ll change to “in transit” and then “ready”. You can’t check your case on the website using your DS number btw.
  14. Actually, your passport must be valid for at least 8 months at the moment of the interview... it says so on the embassy's website: eac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx
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