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    Married: 6/17/11
    I-130 Sent: 7/9/11 (Petition for K3)
    NOA1 : 7/14/11
    I-129F Sent: 7/21/11
    NOA1: 7/21/11
    NOA2: 8/22/11
    NVC Received: 8/24/11
    NVC Left: 8/26/11 (NVC failed to Admin Closed the K3)
    Consulate Received: 9/5/11
    Packet 4 Received: 10/4/11 (Beneficiary Never received - Only Myself)
    Visa Application Fee: 10/20/11
    Medical Done: 11/14/11
    Interview: 11/23/11
    Visa Application Fee: 11/23/11 (Banco Popular Charged the Incorrect Amount so we had to re-pay)
    Approved: 11/23/11
    Changed to CR1: 12/13/11
    IV & AoS Paid: 12/15/11
    Expedite Request Approved: 12/15/11
    Sent to Embassy: 12/20/11
    Embassy Received: 12/29/11
    Embassy Appt: 1/4/12
    Medical Re-Done: 1/5/12
    Documents Submitted - Again: 1/17/12
    Visa Issued: 1/19/12
    Visa Delivery: 1/23/12
    POE: 2/18/11
    He Left Me: 2/24/12
    Reported him to immigration: 2/25/12
    GC arrived: 4/14/12

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  1. I HATE when I see new people on here ask questions about filing that are CLEARLY not looking to do thing legitimately!! People like that make it so difficult and almost impossible to bring our REAL partners here to be together.....smh

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    2. Fresita


      I know what you mean... go kiss him and enjoy your husband, because it gets really lonely in these cold states especially with the summer being over and all : (... Enjoy you are gonna have a blast its the best feeling to see the person you love waiting for you at the airport ~!! Goodluck best of wishes will def. keep you updated!

    3. Samantha78


      thanks hun....try to stay positive and harass them about your case!!!!!!

    4. Fresita


      trust me I will!!!