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  1. Okay I am at 7 months 1 week and 4 days. I am saying right now by 8 months I will have case complete and looking at a January interview.. Things are looking up. Thank you my husband foir getter done. :-)

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    2. dwheels76


      Ginie Girlllllllll. My husband was like "we have wasted enough time". I think he finally is feeling my pain. He understands now timing is EVERYTHING. hehe. December or January interview. Oh I might start a topic when I get to Case Complete. Ya'll know thats a major Triumph for us. Now assembling the interview stuff. All the tuff I was sending to NVC. Not going to do it. Will have husband pack it in.

    3. betweenus


      Girl I understand, I was holding my breath weeks ago waiting for my husband to gather of his documents and send them to me. Now that is over. Take a deep breath, and let God handle the rest. I am right there with you holding on for December or January interview dates. Come on NVC...

    4. dwheels76


      Amen Betweenus. I will feel alot better when I send off to NVC and they tell me Case Complete. I will be at NVC about the exact same time it took the petition to go through USCIS. LOL. We are at 91 days the NOA2 came in 102. hehe But its all God's divine timing. And if a delay means an approval cuz he has to move some folk out the way (Mean CO's) than Glory all to God. I give myself away.