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  1. OMG and I do mean OMG because of the holiday the marriage and courts and birth certificate places are closed and he is to return next week. If it ain't one thing its another. Now I don't begrudge no one and their religion but no one else gets a week off now. Come on man!! :( Another flippin week of waiting.

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    2. Kehinde


      I thought you were already married. Are ya'll getting married again?

    3. memlaura


      I am right there with you my husband got his affidavite to get his birthcertificate and was heading to get it and a certified copy of our marriage license since some how my original marriage license is gone I have searched the whole house and I cant find it anywhere. Then he was going to Abuja to get his passport then he was told that Thursday and Friday were holidays so now everything is put off until next week for us too. I am telling you I would rather have all these issues now and the i...

    4. 2HeartsR1


      Delays are difficult emotionally...we just have to keep our eyes focused on God for He has the answers and we do not, He will comfort us, and He will provide all we need in His time. OMG that time thing is SO hard to accept.

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