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    1. i am married to a Yoruba man, that i file for with k-1 visa,   in the beginning of the k-1 process he told me that he have a Son but he is not married to the mother of his child.  Just now the mother of his child is asking me to send money to her in Nigeria.  i told her fine, "just provide me your id information".  her id information shows my husband last name,  I am very upset, because this proves to me that she is really his wife.

    she tells me that the reason she have the  son's father last name is because of the birth.  Is this true Dwheels76?

    because later in life,  if i decide to live with my husband in Nigeria. i will definitely not tolerate having two wives in the same house.

    1. Lovie Lovie

      Lovie Lovie

      Hey Debbie how you been?

    2. dwheels76


      For her having his name means they had some form of traditional wedding. Probably no official paper registered. But in Nigeria a Traditional wedding means more than a white wedding with a marriage certificate. Many do this to not bring shame upon the woman for having a baby out of wedlock.

      For immigration purposes he is married and you can best believe they will find out this information. So be prepared for a uphill climb.

      Ask you fiance' when did they perform the traditional wedding? Ask her. And why is she asking you for money that seems way out of line.

    3. 9jalove101


      how can I  prove to immigration of this ?

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