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N400 West Palm Beach FL
10:59 am March 16, 2020


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This may be a stretch but I wanted to get all the West Palm Beach FL members who are filing or have filed, and are still waiting, to join this forum.

It's a great way to keep updated on the West Palm Beach office and how fast they are processing our applications.


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Proof of relationship
7:42 pm February 3, 2020


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Good day all.....as we prepare to do our K1 petition my fianc e (US citizen) think it's not important to mention the date we met because of concern that it might raise a red flag since we met in august and got engaged in November the month in which she paid me a surprise visit (almost died?) so I'm asking this is mentioning the length of time we together important....advice on how to proceed will be greatly appreciated....thanks much

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Fort Myers Field Office
11:41 pm January 27, 2020



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Anyone From Fort Myers Office. I applied for may parents in Jan 2020. They have Bio Feb 6th.

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8:02 pm January 27, 2020

Hana George

Hana George

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So I did the interview with my husband a month ago..I'm the petitioner. I need help..I got another interview for a g56 call in notice.it only had my name only not my husband..the notice also didnt have the hyphen between my 2 last names...it said the request was made because I requested a name change during the naturalization proceedings...that is NOT TRUE..also.the day I'm to go back ..is the day my husband has to go to court.he cannot go with me..should I go by myself? Bcus I wana believe if it's a stokes interview it should say...and also request for both of us to come..it has the name of the officer I seen before ..I'm going back to her..any advice?it said just bring photo and passport..should I carry my attorney? I dont want to reschedule..I was told not to

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Proof of ongoing relationship photo evidence required?
7:21 pm January 13, 2020


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Hi Everyone!

I am just doing my due diligence as my window for early filing of N-400 opens up in about 2 months time and I am starting to accumulate the necessary documentation. I am wanting to apply online under the 3-yr marriage rule.

My question is - when applying online, are proof of relationship photos required? This is the first time filing something to USCIS where evidence of continuing relationship (besides mortgage info, tax info and bills) don't seem to be a big requirement.

Also, has anyone recently filed N-400 online with their ROC still pending? I have already completed my biometrics (2 months ago) and just waiting now. Just wondering how they handle both applications in the system.

Thank you!

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