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f4 interview Trinidad and Tobago
3:51 am August 21, 2023



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Hi all,

The visa bulletin finally moved after the covid hiatus making my priority date current in May 2023. My PD is March 30th 2007.

I initially received W.L. in December 2019 and was D.Q since June 2020. (Covid Stall)

During the last week of April 2023 I received the interview date via email. It was set at June 15th 2023. It is a small country therefore wait

times for interviews are a bit shorter.

I received a message to upload documents on ceac before the interview as previous CoC expired and new taxes needed to be submitted.

I did the medical in POS as there is only one approved doctor and received the necessary vaccinations accordingly. This cost will vary person to person, there is a base fee plus additional charge for vaccines needed.

I scheduled the medical on a Tuesday as there is a new procedure for document review, so I planned to get it done on the same day. Visit the US embassy website for updated procedure.

I got a folder at the doctor's office with a list of required documents which included all originals submitted to Ceac. Medical was uploaded online via the doctor but I still called to confirmed it was done prior to the interview day.

Document Review Day

  1. Original Birth Certificates of all applicants
  2. Original Birth Certificate of petitioner
  3. Copy of Proof of US citizenship ( Copy of US Passport)
  4. Updated tax transcripts and AoS.
  5. Police CoC
  6. Pictures ( Us Passport size)
  7. Marriage certificate

Received a tick on the folder as I did not have the CoC .

Documents were placed in the folder and was told to add the missing document This folder must be brought on the day of interview.

Day Of Interview. (Nervous and prepared an additional folder for whatever I thought might be requested.)

Arrived early and joined the line. Only clear folders and documents allowed in the Embassy.

No cellphones or handbags, please make alternate arrangements as there is no where available at the last moment.

Embassy Staff requested appointment letter and passport. Two lines were formed, one line for non immigrant section and another for immigrant & USC services

Entered, after security check forwarded to information desk where passports was taken.

Call to window after 1/2 hour.

C.O. Who is petitioning??

C.O. Is this your only marriage? (as both my spouse and I are applicants)

C.O. Did you live anywhere other than London?

C.O. Where does your sibling work?

C.O. requested new CoC

C.O - Everything looks okay but system is a bit slow so we chatted a bit about random things. Then the magic words "visa issued"

Stood in disbelief. Thanked him for great service and walked out in utter happiness and relief.

Got the passport with visa in less than 5 days. Visa Expires six months from date of medical. No packet given but note in visa all documents are electronic

Left for the US soon after.

Received S.S card within 10 days of entry and awaiting G.C. in the mail.

Personal recommendations

This is a stressful long journey 16 years + for my family preference category.

Don't stress as I did. It makes it worse.

You have no control over the vb

Try to be prepared as possible and always be truthful.

It will eventually work out and then you'll look back and feel relieved.

Excited about my new chapter. Thanks to everyone on this site for sharing their knowledge.

I hope this can be useful, especially to my trini ppl as there is barely any info. online about our embassy.

Goodluck and best wishes to everyone on this journey.United States Animation GIF by xponentialdesign

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Do I need to go with my spouse to his interview tomorrow?
12:34 am July 28, 2023



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I am going for moral support.

But we didn't interview together during his green card process, CR1 2019, ROC April 2023, and now citizenship.

I am also curious to know if he needs to walk with the evidence, we submitted for his I751? Or just what they asked for on the interview notice.

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Overstay tourist visa fine
2:40 am July 27, 2023



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Hi all,

my coworker s sister, overstayed her tourist visa and has to pay a fine. Her attorney said it s a new law signed in 2021, and USCIS is now enforcing it.

has anyone heard of this?

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K-2 Visas for minor children
4:44 am April 14, 2023



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I would like to find out from the forum if children k-2 visas which are still valid because it s under a year of the parent migrating to the USA and receiving their green card, can the parent still bring the children on the k-2 or by the parent becoming a green card holder that cancels the visas and the parent needs to apply for the minors under the new green card holder status? Thanks

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O.P.T. Help
3:18 pm March 20, 2023



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Just wanted some info on applying for my opt.

I am currently on track to graduate in May and have decided to apply for O.P.T. i have application my package and sent on March 7th 2023 via first class mail expected

to be delivered in four days later. However USPS has not delivered it as of 14th March. I did a query online on the 15th and a response was given to me this morning saying

package may not have been delivered or maybe it was but just not scanned at delivery.

Now I am in panic mode as time is off the essence.

Any advice on how to proceed? I really do not know what to do.

I am thinking to assemble another application with proof of prior shipping, including a note explaining the lack of delivery and send via overnight shipping

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