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US Immigration from Trinidad and Tobago

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Affidavit of Support
12:46 am October 2, 2019


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My friend ihas been unemployed since May 2019 and is at the nvc stage filling out the 1864, how should he answer part 6 : Sponsor's Employment and Income.

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USCIS website provides inconsistent or no information
5:33 pm September 7, 2019


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My husband presently has both the I-751 and N-400 petitions being processed. The I-751 was filed in Apr 2018 and the N-400 in Apr 2019. Biometric appointments were scheduled quickly on both and have been completed. Otherwise, no other information or status updates.

When we log in to the USCIS website and look at the list of cases associated with the account, the N-400 doesn't show up at all. If we go to the page to check status by receipt number, the N-400 does show up and indicates that the case is still being processed. The receipt number for the I-751 comes up as 'no information available'.

Husband called to ask what's up. They ask for A-number and he's told he's not in the system at all!!! That was quite a scare. Agent gets more information from him and is finally able to find his file.

No specific info on the I-751 except that it's still being processed. His extension runs out in January so they said if he doesn't hear anything by December to give them a call and they will expedite it.

N-400 has been referred to the local DC office to schedule interview. Looks like the N-400 will get processed before the I-751.

Either way, the website is useless.


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221g- Trends
4:53 pm August 29, 2019



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While reading through the threads I have noticed a thing or two.

1. K1 visas more frequently result in 221(g) being issued, over CR1/IR1.

2. Some countries have interviews for CR1/IR1 with both spouses. I completed my husband's process in record time, without an attorney, and in his interview letter, it states only the person on the letter is to attend the appointment. I wanted to attend the interview, but based on the IL I complied and stayed in the US.

Anyone else, noticing trends of K1 visas in extended Administrative processing more so over the the CR1/IR1 visa?

This is probably the analyst in me.

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Biometrics not required?
2:50 pm August 29, 2019


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Hi Everyone - After receiving my NOA1 at the end of May, I finally received a letter from USCIS. Expecting it to be my long awaited biometrics appointment letter, I was surprised to read that it was a notice that I did not need to appear for a biometrics appointment because they were able to look up my previous biometrics data and will use it to process this case. Sure enough when I checked the case status online it says "Fingerprint Review was Completed" - saying that as of August 17th they completed review of my fingerprints and working on my form I-751.

Another member has suggested that they will probably need biometrics later on in the process but that is a bit confusing to me - is there anyone a bit further in the process who received the same communication?

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interview appointment via dcf
8:45 pm August 4, 2019



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Hello good day, after notifying the embassy (trinidad and tobago) that all documents were obtained and ds 260 confirmation were also obtained, a reply from the embassy stated

Dear Sir,

Thank you for the information. The cases have been registered into our system for an appointment date. We will be pleased to e-mail the appointment packages as soon as it is scheduled.

Hoping this information is helpful.

What next? Do i schedule online on csra? or wait for the embassy to e-mail??

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