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US Immigration from Trinidad and Tobago

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USPS tracking says greencard delivered but no greencard
7:08 pm yesterday


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Uscis sent me an email that my greencard was delivered on January 17th but there was no green card in my mail box. When I check the the tracking number it says that it was delivered on January 17th at 4:21 pm. I contacted uscis and the agent said to contact usps which I did. After a hour and a half wait, the usps agent said that they have to open an inquiry. At present I am not in the US. What should I do now?

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Child’s birth certificate/proof of birth
8:38 pm January 7, 2019


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Hi guys! This is my first post in a loooong time...I am back to begin the removal of conditions process!

My first question is regarding the birth certificate for my child born since I married my US citizen husband - is a formal birth certificate from the county clerk s office absolutely required or will the Proof of Birth form given to me by the hospital work? Has anyone included this in their submission?

Thanks for your help!

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After interview CR1..HELP
5:17 pm December 19, 2018


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Hello all,

My husband had his CR1 interview on December 3rd. No Visa issued as yet. I was checking the ceac status update and it remained Ready status since the interview. I decided to log in to view the ceac account and realized the Civil documents showed invalid status (it was previously accepted). It shows our marriage certificate and his birth certificate were rejected after interview. The notes now say Documents presented at interview is different copy than the one uploaded. Uploading new marriage/birth certificate (I believe this is the case because we had two copies issued from the registrar one he kept and the one I kept apparently has different bar code numbers, the one I uploaded is a different bar code number to the one he took to the interview) The embassy has not told us anything, we just happened to see this. I am not sure if it means we have to upload the document or if the embassy is doing it because the wording is Uploading as if they will be doing it. Does anyone know if I am supposed to do it or If they do it?

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Sponsoring parent that already resides in US with Green Card
8:06 pm December 10, 2018


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Hi All!

My husband recently got his 10 year green card and would like to sponsor his father. He currently resides in the US. He entered legally just overstayed his VISA. What can he do to sponsor him before he becomes a citizen if he can even at all?

Do any of you have any similar situations that I can use as reference because I cant find any information about this online sadly. I also tried calling immigration but their wait time is horrendous.

Thank You!

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Electronic case Port of Entry
5:20 pm December 3, 2018


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Hi all, we had our interview today and we were approved today!! Yaye!!

My question is for those that already had their Port of entry with an electronic case were you given the medical to give to immigration at the airport? Or it is not needed when your case is electronic?

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