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From J1 to O1 VISA without J1 Waiver
9:36 am December 27, 2018



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Some J1 VISA holders, instead of applying for J1 VISA waiver, did apply for O1 directly. While Exchange Visitor Skills vary from one country to the other, what are the chance of obtaining O1 visa without applying for J1 waiver?

This sounds like a bypass for J1 waiver, but to get the consultation letter?

Any experience to share will be appreciated.

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I-601 Fianc visa
9:22 pm November 13, 2018



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Has anyone had luck with a successful approved I-601 waiver for a fianc visa? I m having a hard time with extreme hardship and just wondering if anyone has any tips suggestions on where to begin?

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My children documents!
10:34 pm October 28, 2018


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I filed for my children they are 15 and 10 years old. They have arrived and up to date, about one and half month and I haven't received any notice from immigration service, I am wondering if I have to pay any money again apart from the one I paid before they to the interview. Secondly, are they going to receive a green card or naturalization certificate? Thanks

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Filing for my wife.
5:11 am October 20, 2018


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I am filing for my wife. However, I am wondering if there will be any concern about my case because I got divorced from my first marriage and got married 3 Mont later. Please tell me what could the issues. Thanks .

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we are helpless,what can we do?
1:41 am October 8, 2018



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On the 8th of August my friend went to collect a package sent from Africa at Nacho cargo but unfortunately he was detained by custom/ICE for overstayed and taken to court.The judge charged him bond of $12,000 and gave him application to proceed on Asylum because my friend was scared of going back home.Now the lawyer he got messed it up to fill the application for him and we didn't got the $12,000 easily.Eventually,the bond was paid on his first hearing but the judge questioned why he was still in detention without filling of the asylum application therefore he(the judge) decided to deport him but he(my friend) accepted voluntary departure.Immediately, my friend demanded for reappeal and he was given reappeal application form and another fine of $5,000 to be paid within 5days.We paid $5,000 on the second day and yet he has not been released....what do we need to do please ?

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