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  1. araliadam


    I am shocked when some of y'all are here just to judge people. You have to understand one thing this is a support group for all of us, not a place to go about judging each other. It works for everyone differently so please before you say something irrelevant think about all factors involved...Show some respects and compassion...
  2. My fiancee had interview on July 25th, the C.O didn't take any decision, we were administrative processing for a month now. This morning we got a call from the Embassy that they would like to interview us on thursday . We did set up the date. Has anyone been in the same situation or seen something similar before? What could happen?
  3. Toc Toc Toc! I been asking the same question after being ignored so many times. I taught we were a support group. So my fiancee went for her interview on July 25th..The C.O asked few questions kept all of her official documents(copies not original), returned her passport and told her she will be contacted in the next 60 days. So far she been in Administrative Processing. Each time i emailed the Embassy i am been told that i will be contacted or she will be soon. This whole process has been crazy and stressful, i don't know if anyone had some almost same experience to share with me. i just need to know where we are standing in the process...
  4. Please Help!!! My embassy is in Togo, so after my fiancee interview this morning, the CO kept my affidavit of support, my fiancee 2 passports pictures and her birth certificate. He gave her a pink slip stating further investigation and they will call her back. They returned her passport to her, can someone please tell me if they know any similar experience. Please help me, it is stressing me out not knowing what is going on.
  5. Hello everyone! My fiancée had her interview this morning. They only asked her 2 questions but after the interview she was handed a pink slip and was told to wait for further investigation which will take 2 months. What is worrying me is the fact that they didn’t retain her passport. Does anyone knows how the process goes?
  6. Hello everyone! My fiancée has her interview on Wednesday in Togo. Any helpful advice that we might benefit from? Thank you for the support and the help
  7. Yes the form is expired and my email adarazak@gmail.com . If you took that one to the interview I guess it must be good then
  8. Good morning @jean baptiste I have a question. What form did you use for the affidavit of support? The one online is outdated. Please help
  9. Thank you @jean baptiste i finally got an email this morning, she should go on monday to pick up the letter. Welcome to America brother....
  10. Thank you for that. you really put my heart at ease, because i been seeing me and some people who got approved at the same time getting their visa already. Thank you let's hope it goes faster.
  11. I did reach out to couple of people but i guess each case is different. There is not a lot concerning Togo forums out here so i am digging on the internet and anything that could help. THANK YOU anyway...
  12. Hello everybody! I am in the final stage of this process but it seems like i am stuck at someone desk. Here is my situation, since the 12th of June my embassy received my case and promised to contact my fiancee and i once they get our physical file. Eventually i emailed them back, they finally told me they got it and are working on sending us a date for the interview. It is been almost a month now, but we haven't heard anything. On top of that, each time i send them an email, they don't respond at all. Has anyone been in the same situation, if so how did it get resolved? My fiancee is processing her interview in Togo. Please help....
  13. congrats on being approved!...i been following your timeline and was wondering if you could please write about the questions they asked your fiancee. Thank you
  14. How long does my case has to be in READY to receive package 3 from my embassy? I sent them an email on thursday when they got it. They responded yesterday that they received the electronic file of my petition and are now awaiting for the physical file. i am tired and just want to finish this process...