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  1. It is all on my timeline. Please check it out, bear in mind that i used K-3 to speed up the process. Yes i am IR1
  2. Her interview was supposed to be on Thursday the 27th but we were asked to appear on the 20th of February which was a week before.
  3. Sorry for the late response...My wife got her visa approved. she was was interviewed a week ahead of the official date. WE were not asked questions related to the new public rule, she was asked few questions such as: who is petitioning for you? when was the last time he visited you? was i married before? what is my occupation? they pointed a finger on a person in her album and asked who that person was?.. She was approved .Thank you and good luck to you on your journey...
  4. i received my interview date as well for February 27th. Thank you for updating the spreadsheet.
  5. Thank you.I just got my interview letter.. scheduled for February 27th
  6. Congratulations on your approval. @ Nucleus since when have you been waiting for interview? i got documentary qualified on December 9th. Please keep me updated on how yours is going..
  7. i did it for my wife as well, you don't actually have to put the address as it is in USA. Just put her city and her town/country that she live in you will be fine.
  8. congratulations Blewu ! i am at NVC stage from Togo as well. let us know how the interview goes.Good luck
  9. Thank you... i have been using safari and google chrome.
  10. Has anyone encountered this problem? I am at NVC STAGE and each time i got a new message i can not open it. I uploaded all my documents which looked accepted but they have some review note for me and each time i clicked on them they are not allowing me to read them. Is anyone in similar situation? if yes how did you resolve it? Thank you
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