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  1. Hello everyone...long time and I haven't been on much but just wanted to share my husband was approved for the green card at our interview Wednesday! Whew what a relief. We never did hear anymore on the EAD but this is wayyyyyy better anyway. 😍
  2. Married!!!!! Woo hoo. God gave us a beautiful day July 14. What a long journey but praise God we got here. Thank you all for your help and support! ❤️😍
  3. Fiancé has his visa in hand and flies out to the US tomorrow!!!
  4. We got approved today too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord. Such a relief. Thank you also to everyone for all the help and support.
  5. and the low network and dropped calls.
  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. @EllyNelly Our visa was approved today too!!!!! Expected to go back to get his passport and visa June 29th. I'm so excited and relieved but will feel even better when he lands in the U.S. and i can see his smiling face again without the glass of the cellphone!
  8. Medical complete...Vaccinations complete.....now just to wait a week for his interview as I continue to pray and "trust the process".
  9. You can export the entire WhatsApp chat in your memory to a text file. Some say the screen shots are better proof because anyone could type the text file, (not that you would want to type 6 moths worth of chats, and they don’t want to read it all!)
  10. Just for reference as we always say be sure to check with your own embassy too for anyone reading this later. For Togo they scheduled the interview for us and there is no “packet 4”. We were able to pick up the information referred to as packet 3 at the embassy and my fiancé brings all the paperwork back the day of the interview. Plus he was instructed he will pay the fee the day of the interview. So just remember ea h embassy is different ☺️
  11. We finally figured out how to get the screenshots from his phone too so now I have them from both for various times over the past few months.
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