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  1. November 26 packet was recieved by the uscis May 14 uscis app changed to interview was scheduled May 18 we recieved the letter in the mail July 3 is the INTERVIEW!! Wow still in shocked that we got it early, since Maine is suppose to be a 11-22 month wait but i guess when you do the calculation, we will have waited a total of 9 months for it.
  2. Can anyone direct me on what is needed for the interview? I’m guessing the letter will tell us...but is there a list somewhere with what needs to be brought. I realize it’s a month from now but my husband wants to get ready for it, since he has nothing else to do at home while he waits 😂😜
  3. Thank you so much for your help!!! We really appreciate it!, Hehehehe once the shock wears off, we will surrender to HAPPINESS!!!
  4. Thank you for the touching comments and support! We are all struggling in one way or another. It’s just a crazy system that doesn’t make sense sometimes. Im truly shocked to be getting the AOS! So the letter comes in a week or two? And then we normally have a month to prepare for the interview? I guess I need to start looking at what is needed for that....we kind of put that on the back burner thinking it’s so far away! Does this mean we also didn’t have any RFE?
  5. I’m just in disbelief!! On my lunch break and doing my normal, checking up on VJ. And then I saw this on USCIS app. Is it real!! I can’t believe it!!! I truly hope so!! Texted my husband (at home board out of his mind because he can’t work) and he said we will believe it’s when it comes in the mail.
  6. I can’t believe this!!! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!!!???? Is it REAL!! OUR INTERVIEW WAS SCHEDULED!! Frustrated and I don’t know why but after coming on VJ and seeing everyone still waiting and the numbers of days so high. I just automatically went to the USCIS app. And of course it told me nothing. Then my hand accidentally swiped down and my screen was refreshed....and now it says MY INTERVIEW WAS SCHEDULED!!! Yesterday!!! Letter in the mail with our interview date. Does this really mean we will be having our interview soon, like in the next month? I thought I read about how some said theirs said interview ready to be scheduled and have been waiting months and no word. But this actually says interview was scheduled!! We went from it saying fingerprint received to interview was scheduled! Does this really mean we will have our interview soon!!! Ohhhh please!!!! Ohhhh please!!!! 171 days waiting for work cards and that wait seems to continue....but we never once thought we would get notification about our I 485 since we live in maine and it says it is a 11-22 month wait for that. But my screen says our interview was scheduled!!! Ohhhh I hope this is true!!! If this is real we will be checking our mail box every day waiting for the letter and date to arrive!! Any advice on what we should do next??
  7. 171 days...but guess we can’t complain looking at the others waiting longer and continue to wait 😢. Seems my poor husband won’t be able to work until July the way things are going. Ugh 😑
  8. Wonderful news!!! Hope you do get it!! We are 164 days...ugh does this mean we need to 20 more days so we can be up in the 180’s?!?! 😫. Yea my prediction that we wouldn’t be seeing it until end of May beginning of June is looking accurate. 6 months waiting 😒😞😢 just crazy
  9. I contacted them and they said apple removes their app, but you can still use it with android. They are working with apple to get the app back on the market but at this moment if you have the app with apple it’s working fine. Just can’t download it if you want it on your apple product
  10. I wrote to Case tracker and they responded with this..... “It’s Apple.. they removed all USCIS case tracking apps. We are working with them to try and get it back. Android version is still available.” Just in case anyone is curious why they can’t find the app
  11. Thank you!! I appreciate these explanations! I was doing the same, targeting only I-765 and seeing so many case received, I thought no one was even being touched near me. But not filtering I can see a few did get answers these last few days near my case number. 🙍🏻‍♀️ Hmmmmm could we be one of the next 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️. Well won’t get our hopes up too much but we truly appreciate the explanations you both gave. This helped clear things up a little more.
  12. I think most of us are just hoping for our work cards and travel cards 😁 congratulations on getting this!! Even though it took much longer then expected. We live in Maine, a small state and a small USCIS but it takes just as long as some of the big cities I’m seeing. Each state is different.
  13. You are 211 days!!! This is wonderful!! Congratulations 🍾🎉...they seem to be cleaning up September filers and starting on cleaning up October filers. We will be next November peeps 🤪! Hang in there!!!
  14. Weird me too!! I still have it downloaded but when I went to get the exact name I can’t find it anymore. Strange....I just downloaded it a few days ago after someone on here told me about it and now can’t find it again. When i search it on the web I found it....but then I say take me to app and it says not available. So strange!
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