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  1. Thanks for responding!!! Wow!! There is not many of us in Maine applying for AOS 😔. Sadly I don’t have any new news. There just isn’t anyone to really ask. I did write to one who back in 2017, dealt with a crazy process but amazingly recieved her EAD and AOS about the same time....in 6 months!!! 6 months would be AWESOME!!! But sadly this was back in 2017...no current news and I’m fearing the wait time has increased...but really hoping not 10-21.5 months 😮😭!! If you find any info, we would also appreciate news!!! Our case timelines are very close!! Very curious how it goes for you!
  2. I’m wondering if you ever found the answer to your question.....we filed our AOS November 27, 2018. Se we are in the beginning months of waiting. When i look online I’m seeing they are processing Maine AOS back in May 13,2017. It is saying a 10 to 21.5 months wait. Ohhhhh myyyyyy!! I’m wondering if this is accurate, but I’m not seeing to many k1 visa who are adjusting their status in Maine. Your name is only one that appears...just curious what you are finding out.
  3. When we try to sign up and answer all the questions and create a user ID...we then get to the end and click finished button, but instead of creating a account it brings us to a blank page. We then go through the same process again, creating a account and getting to the end and nothing. Did this for 129f process and doing it again for this process. I just gave up and didn’t create an account, but we can still check case status by typing receipt number in. This pocture shows you what happens....nothing 🤪
  4. Did you have any problems creating an account with the USCIS? I could never do it when going through the 129f process and just tried again to set up an account and nothing seems to happen/can’t set one up. I can still check my case stutus but would like to set up an account.
  5. Ohhh 😮 I see!!! Thank you!! Don’t know why I missed that. Thanks!!
  6. Where is the web sight for checking case status? We just recieved the text messages our case was accepted but nothing in mail yet. Will the hard copy have a case number like the 129f did so we can check the case status? If not...how/where do you go online to see what’s going on with your case? Thanks
  7. I’m not sure if I’m speaking about the same thing but 2 weeks after my fiancé arrived in America and before we married we went to the SS office to get him signed up for a number. After 5 weeks of waiting November 24 we finally got his SS card in the mail with the words written valid for work only with DHS authorization. I’m assuming that is the work permit we just filled out with our AOS and based on visa journey looks like around April we may get an answer. I will look into EAD...I just figured we were in for the wait like everyone else but it is true he been offered a job and we thought he could do it but after looking into the meaning of valid to work with only DHS authorization and everything on internet says you can’t work as a K1 visa an de the fact everyone else here on vj is in same boat, we had to inform the employer he can’t work until we get the authorization. Am I correct that is the work permit we did with our AOS forms? I’m not sure exactly where you are in the timeline of things and what your message means. Am I missing something also 🤪
  8. Waiting game starts again....turned out AOS in November 23 and today just recieved 3 text messages that our case was recieved. Good sign, now wait and see if we did anything wrong. Hoping for smooth sailing and looking forward very much to the work permit. I think that’s the hardest part for my husband, not being able to work and provide like he wants to. So frustrating and confusing because we had a lawyer for the 129f forms (not for this stage in the game) and he said my husband can work on a K1 visa. After getting married and at the social security office they told him again he can work with a k1 visa. We explained everyone else on k1 say they can’t work and everything we read on internet says he can’t work until work permit. She again said this is not correct understanding and he can work. Recieved his SS number and sure enough....written clearly, he can’t work until given permission. Very frustrating for him to see it written, although we knew this to be the case for everyone...but we did get our hopes up that he may just possibly be able to work. Guess not...we join the waiting game. Seems like our timeline is April, we should get work permit and he can finally work. Frustrating for him and the employer (a friend) who so badly wants to higher him now!!! 😌
  9. We did write a review on our embassy but if you need anything from us to help others or if there is more we can add...we would love to help others after us in Togo. There is not a lot of information on here for Togolese and we truly appreciated those who before us could answer our questions. So if you have any thoughts on how we can help others, please let me know and we will happily share what we have!!
  10. Wow thank you!! Your words truly touched me!!! I want to thank you also for all the help you give everyone. Your direct and clear answers helped us and so many others in this journey. Thank you!!!!!! It is true it is a hard country to get a visa in...but our experience with the embassy was very nice!!! Yes things didn’t happen like it did for others and made us a little nervous but at the same time the embassy gave us confidence...we could see like you did how amazing this system is and the work behind it. We feel our embassy is truly organized and this was a surprise to see in Togo a country that isn’t always organized!! This gave us confidence!!! Thank you again!!!
  11. September 21, 2018 we were approved our visa!!!!!! It has has been an interesting journey and more to come....but now we can be together as a married couple!! I was able to fly to Togo and be here for the last few months as we waited for the interview and prepared for the wedding in America. I arrived August 8 in Togo and August 9 our case was marked ready at the embassy. August 16 the embassy called us and told us to come pick up packet 3 and schedule our medical. But my fiancé was very sick with mumps and malaria. We had to reschedule for August 20. August 20 we found out our interview was August 30, but we were unable to make a medical appointment until August 24, so this meant his results would not be ready for the interview. The embassy told us to come anyways and later when we get the medical results to bring them in. The medical exam in Togo must go to America and this takes two weeks to get the results. So it just would not be ready in time for August 30 Interview but we went anyways for the interview. Normally your not allowed in with your fiancé but when we arrived we realized we crazily had left his passport at home. This confusion and their kindness I as allowed into the embassy and he was allowed to go home and get the passport and me back. We were denied August 30 the visa because we didn’t have medical results but they said not to worry and bring them when we did. September 7 we got the medical results but embassy would not be open until September 13 so we had our wait to bring results to them. September 13 he brought it to embassy and the secretary said she would give it to the consulate and wait for a phone call. September 21 we recieved a phone call that the visa was approved and to come pick it up that day!!!! October 3 we fly to America together and October 20 is the wedding!!! We are ready!!! We planned everything before, but made sure not to reserve any venues until confirmed visa. It’s a simple wedding with 150 friends who have eagerly been waiting along side us for this approval!! And just reserved a simple community hall for reception and will be having the wedding in our church. It’s amazing how everything has timed perfectly. We did fear at times we were tuning ahead of the visa but we tried hard to follow the advice not to buy anything you can’t get money back on if visa denies. It hasn’t been easy and we had to give up some of our ideas because of no specific date for wedding....but it’s worked out well with how we have done it. Feeling happy and satisfied!! It’s a very long wait!! And at times become very impatient!! But when this day comes...RELIEF!! And HAPPINESS!! Hoping success to everyone else!!
  12. Hello everyone...just a little update about us. 8/9/2018 our packet was received by the embassy. Things moved pretty fast on the embassy part... 8/16/2018 they called my fiancé to come get his packet 3 and schedule the interview. It’s how they do it in Togo. But my fiancé was sick with mumps and a bad case of malaria and could not go. 8/20/2018 he pulled enough strength to at least go to the embassy and schedule his interview for 8/30/2018. And get the medical clinics addresses. But after visiting the clinics we found out the medical exam takes two weeks to get results back because it’s sent to America to be reviewed and back to Togo. Also they only do visa exams on fridays. We emailed embassy about this and exaplained it would not Ben ready in time for the interview. but they told us to still come for interview and just bring medical results in later. 8/24/2018 he did medical exam. 8/30/2018 interview went really well and I was able to attend. But sadly because we did not have medical results the interviewer said he was sorry but he had to deny us until we get medical results. 9/7/2018 my fiancé got the results from the medical in a sealed envelope. He also got his x-ray disc and vacation records. The doctor never mentioned anything about my fiancé previous sickness of mumps/a contagious disease. So we feel positive he is fine from this. Mumps is only contagious for 5 days and he had his medical exam 12 days after getting sick with mumps. So thinking this won’t delay visa or be denied. 9/12/2018 the embassy was open and he was able to bring his medical exam results in. They said they will give it to the interviewer and call us. They also took his passport. So now we still wait patiently for things to happen...it all seems positive. Seems like we will get our acceptance. My guess is next week...maybe Thursday they will call him to come pick up his visa!! Well I’m just guessing 😜. But really thinking we will have it soon!! Everything seems positive even if our procedure happened a little different then everyone else’s.
  13. Thank you for the help! Tomorrow we pick up the medical results and Tuesday next week the embassy told us to bring them in. Last step and this process will be over 😁😁😁😁😁😜😜😜 !!!!! I’m just happy they will give us vaccination shots records since those are important!
  14. Thank you!!! Hmmm but hmmm....we did not realize this and he had the medical and the interview already. Friday we pick up results and we are suppose to bring it to the embassy Tuesday next week. They knew he did not have medical exam results but still asked him to do the interview and he did. So now it’s to late...they know he bringing medical results in. They said it’s the only thing they need before they issue our visa. Hmmm I guess all we do is wait and see what happens and hope mumps is not a big deal since he is fine now. Thank you he regaining strength and almost back to himself. If you have any thoughts then we will do what’s wise...but at this point I don’t know what else to do but wait for results and brig to embassy like they told us. ??
  15. Thank you for this research....do we ever get to see these medical files. Medical care in Togo is horrible! These test they did go to America and back here for results....I’m asking if we ever get to see the medical results because it would be nice to have an accurate knowledge of my fiancé health. I noticed the medical report tells you if you are deficient in things like b-12. Just would be nice to see these medical results after the embassy done. And well my fiancé didn’t remember what they gave him for vaccinations, so this would be nice to know what they did. But his medical exam also was very simple....blood work, X-ray, urin sample and a very brief visit with the doctor who asked him if he had ever been very serious sick. This is when my fiancé said he was recuperating from malaria. Hmmm mumps are contagious...but we don’t even know if that’s what he had. It’s just what I feel he had. Face and neck swelled three weeks ago and went away after 5 days. Was extremely painful and he had a horrible headache. Body hurt all over and then because his body was weak he couldn’t fight the malaria and became very sick from that. But medical care in Togo is horrible and he was never properly diangnosed for any of this. But what I think was mumps...he got from his sister who got from another girl in the village and my fiancé gave it to two others who live with him. Hmmm mumps is contagious .....wonder if this will cause problems with our visa....Friday I think we know more...Friday is when medical report is ready. Do we get to see it or must it remained sealed...thought I read somewhere it must remain sealed. Thanks again for the research. I don’t have much internet here in Togo and challenging to do my own searching...so I truly appreciate it!!!