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Legal name
12:26 am July 6, 2019


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Hi Everyone,

I am preparing for my interview and I am wondering ?if?????the C.O asks me about the n?ame of the ex. wife of my husband what name should I give ? Should I give him/her the ex-wife maiden name or the name she?gained from their marriage (name on the divorce?certificate)? Please I need your input or if anyone the?re had the same experience, let me know. Thank you???

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Legal name
8:49 am July 5, 2019


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Hi Everyone,

I am preparing for my interview and I am wondering if the C.O asks me about the name of the ex. wife of my husband what name should I give ? Should I give him/her the ex-wife maiden name or the name she gained from their marriage (name on the divorce certificate)? Please I need your input or if anyone there had the same experience, let me know. Thank you

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Civil document rejected
9:58 am May 21, 2019


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I am wondering the reason why NVC can reject a document that they listed as an acceptable document for immigration visa purposes.

In fact, We submitted the birth certificate of my spouse to NVC for review. We submitted " Declaration de Naissance" which everyone in Togo uses as a prime birth certificate. Two weeks later, we received a note saying that it is an unacceptable document, therefore, we should submit an acceptable document. According to the instruction for reciprocity document for my spouse's country, Togo, they listed some forms of the birth certificate that are acceptable for immigration purposes. So we went for "Extrait d'Acte de Naissance" which is also used as an official document. We submitted it and two weeks later the review came again as an unacceptable document. At the end of the day, we don't know what exactly the officer who is reviewing our case want. Because if we used the prime document and it is unacceptable, the alternative document also is unacceptable, thus we don't know what they want. Please, could someone tell me what we should do at this point? or somebody has a similar situation and tell us what we should do? Below is the link to the instruction for the reciprocity document for Togo. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/Togo.html


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Nvc review time for second document submitted.
6:58 am May 1, 2019


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I submitted my documents for NVC review, unfortunately, the bottom of our marriage certificate and the bottom of my wife's birth certificate didn't show up fully. Thus, the rejected the 2 documents and ask me to submit another one. My question is how long it will take them to review again the new documents that I submitted . Could someone tell me about the process. Thank you.

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Spouse Caught Cheating After Filing N400
10:17 pm December 28, 2018



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Hello Everyone,

I am in my worst times as write this. Prior to Christmas, I uncovered that my wife of six years has been cheating on me with numerous guys. I am an immigrant that was married to her and was granted 10 years green card based on marriage last year.

I had the thought that this marriage was for lifetime, but now, my whole life has been shattered by this cheating not only with one guy but numerous guys. I have gone days without eating because I can't believe that she could do something so betraying to me. I am just crying all day asking why did she do this. After I asked why she was chatting and meeting with numerous guys, all she could tell me was she was looking for attention. Up until now she still denies sleeping with any of the guys she met. Moreover, after all the evidence regarding the conversation of meeting and having sex, she is still denying it. She and some of her boyfriends even played mockery out of me during their conversations. She told numerous of the guys in her conversation that she still loves them and wants to be with them. She went further by tearing me apart saying that she married the wrong person. I have been nothing, but a good guy to this lady. I have been providing for she and her kids since we have been together. I don't have a kid and both of us haven't been lucky to a kid together. I pay all the bills and do everything she request of me but this whole situation is killing me. I feel like a ####### and have been played. I told her if she believes she hasn't slept with any of these guys since we married, she should take a lie detector test. I told her that I don't trust her anymore, and only thing that can regain a little bit of trust will be the lie detector test. She refusing to even do the lie detector test. I am very heartbroken and can't believe someone I trusted was able to do this to me. I am confused and don't even know what to do.

Question Regarding N400

We filed our N400 based on the 3yrs married rule. I am currently thinking about getting a divorce, because I don't trust her anymore. I told her if she wants to save our marriage, she should do the lie detector but she's refusing to do it. I have given my all to this marriage but only to be betrayed in a way I could never imagine. Can I leave N400 to process or should I withdraw my application since I want to consider divorcing her?

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