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7:20 pm April 14, 2022



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Hi everyone,

Please I have a serious issue, my wife file for me and we got approval on October 19th 2021 but since then we haven't receive welcome letter from NVC .My wife contacted NVC and they told her that they haven't receive my case file from USCIS but they will contact USCIS to locate my case file so I am confused, please can someone help me with what next to do or if this is normal.


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Moving out from apartment at NVC stage
1:53 pm March 18, 2022



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I do have one question if you could please help me.
I m thinking about moving from my apartment at the end of my lease. But we Just send out ours documents to NVC and waiting. So my curent adress is what I put on the ds260 for my husband and I don t know if I could move or not

because I don t want to loose his documents when he will be here.

my question is

can I move or stay until he come before we can move. Cause I don t know if we can still change the adress with NVC or after with the embassy.

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Divorce decree for petitioner.
7:35 pm March 10, 2022

Kouevi EKOUE

Kouevi EKOUE

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Hello. Please I have a question. For a CR-1 visa, I submitted a copy of my divorce decree in NVC website. I am petitioning for my spouse. I know it was supposed to be a certified copy. My wife can bring the certified copy to the interview. Will it be a problem because I onlg submitted a copy. I didn t know at that time

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Form I-864ez
2:48 pm March 9, 2022



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Please I need help about this form I-864ez.
I m trying to filling out the form online but it won t let me put my employment status. Should I print it out then file it with a pen then scan it back to the nvc account.

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10 years and still going ?
9:28 pm January 24, 2022



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I just remembered i had a profile on this website. Im glad it popped up. So a quick update since my husbands visa denial in 2016. I re applied in 2017 and had the interview last year January 2021 and now we are waiting since last year on Ap ???

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