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  Adjustment of Status

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Adjustment of Status
9:18 pm February 28, 2020



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Hi everyone,

A friend of mine came to the USA to attend a conference and after the conference, he met his long time sweetheart and they started kicking it and decided to get married in order for him to stay. However, she is a permanent resident and not yet a citizen. She meets all the requirements to become a citizen, but she hasn t filed her N400 yet. They love each other and went right ahead and got married. My question is, can he adjust his status since she s not a citizen yet or does he have to wait until she s citizen before his status can be adjusted? Also, what are other options that he can explore?

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I can not open a new message from NVC
10:31 am December 17, 2019



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Has anyone encountered this problem? I am at NVC STAGE and each time i got a new message i can not open it. I uploaded all my documents which looked accepted but they have some review note for me and each time i clicked on them they are not allowing me to read them. Is anyone in similar situation? if yes how did you resolve it?

Thank you

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NVC forms to be uploaded.
8:17 pm September 29, 2019



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Hello everyone,

i been searching online to see if anyone has answered this one already. I am actually gathering the documents required at National Visa Center. So my question is, i had more than one job in the previous years and quite frankly i can't find my W-2 but can surely get all my tax transcripts. Do i need to get those W-2 or will tax transcript get the job done? For those who went through NVC please HELP. Thank you


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NVC has sent email that visa processing is cancelled
4:05 pm September 10, 2019



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Hello everyone,

I need help for a situation a friend is going through with NVC.

After submitting civil docs for DV 2019 on CEAC he has been asked to submit police clearance. He did that in about a week because of the translation and he got email that he can not continue anymore with the process and that is cancelled. The reason the agent has given is he didn't send the docs quick. He got that email since the end of July 2019. NVC didn't send any official letter than the simple email. After contacting the embassy here in Togo, they said they can't do anything other than what NVC said.

What can he do? Someone went through the same situation? Is there any solution for this?

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Legal name
12:26 am July 6, 2019


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Hi Everyone,

I am preparing for my interview and I am wondering ?if?????the C.O asks me about the n?ame of the ex. wife of my husband what name should I give ? Should I give him/her the ex-wife maiden name or the name she?gained from their marriage (name on the divorce?certificate)? Please I need your input or if anyone the?re had the same experience, let me know. Thank you???

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