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Problem that SSN not arrived? [split topic]
7:32 pm May 28, 2023



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Hi everyone.

I arrived United States on May 5th 2023 (3 weeks) with IR1 visa but till now I haven't received my SSN, please is this normal or a problem?

Please I need urgent help to know what to do next.


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Citizenship Interview was rescheduled because of computer problems (Merged)
2:51 am December 12, 2022


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Definitely frustrating, but what is not frustrating in immigration ?!!

so here s our current frustration/story

4/7/2021 we applied for lifting conditions on my husbands green card. 4/7/2022 we applied for Citizenship. 10/11/2022 we received a letter for my husband to come in for his citizenship interview. Seemed they would just do the interview for citizenship and that would trump the long wait for lifting conditions on the green card. But sadly November 15, 2022 we showed up for the interview for citizenship in Portland Maine and waited to be called in. Sadly after some time someone came out and told us they are having computer problems and can t do the interview yet but asked my husband to wait some more. We did, but then again they came out with the horrible news that they would need to reschedule the appointment for citizenship because they just can t get the computers to work to open his file. Sigh ?!! So instead of giving us a new day to come back they just said we will try to get you in as soon as we can and to go home and we will send you another letter in the mail with the new date. Sooooo here it is December 11, 2022 and no news. I m so impatient for the mail to come with the new interview date!! I feel like it s the same as someone holding a piece of cake under your nose and saying do you smell this, you can even take a small taste. It s good, right? Nope you can t have it! Then it s snatched away. Arrrrr ???

New tasted almost being done with this immigration journey and then it was snatched away!! I know it s not yet a month more of waiting but I m so impatient and had the false hope they would send out the letter fast. Nope! We were trying to plan a trip to my husbands country to see his family (health has not been the greatest and we have not seen them in 2 years) but now looks like that idea on hold again because who knows when they will ask us to come back for citizenship interview???? And .as far as I-751 Lifting conditions on green card .have not heard anything about that since 9/20/22 when it was moved to the National Benefits Center in MO.

anyone else ever have this happen? I know there is nothing we can do but wait?!?!?!? But would love to just hear what others have to say. Thanks!!

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consulate appointment
12:11 pm December 9, 2022



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Please any app or VJ thread to follow up consulate appointment waiting time?

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I751 Transfer Notice
7:19 pm September 26, 2022


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Got so excited today to see in the mail Department of Homeland Security .but instead of a green card or a date for N-400 interview we received a notice that his I 751 was transferred to National benefits center in MO. It was at Potomac. Soooooo .I guess this doesn t mean much, or does it? I think it just means Potomac is so back logged that National Benefits center agreed to hold onto it until they get time. But it doesn t mean we are close? Does it? Ugh was so hoping for good news!! Would love for them to do a combo so we can just be done with this all.

our I751 been in their hands since 4/07/2021 (Potomac and now National Benefits Center)

and the N400 has been in Maine hands since 4/8/2022

any thoughts .love to hear them

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Adjustment of status
12:23 am September 6, 2022



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I have a pending I-485 with I- 601. Do you think it is safe to travel with advance parole with a waiver pending?

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