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US Immigration from Thailand

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Phuket Trip
12:21 am May 28, 2021



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Me and the wife are looking at going to Thailand from August until November. Her green card expires January 2022. Is there any issue with being out of the country for 4 months right before the removal of conditions on her 2 year green card? Anything to watch for or keep in mind?

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Did not receive Biometric Notice (3+months)
8:31 pm May 27, 2021


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Hello, I filed I-751 since January 12, 2021. Received my NOA on Feb 27 but still hasn't received Biometric Appointment Notice and it's been over 3 months now. Does this happen to anyone? I'm trying to contact them by the phone, sent e-request but has no luck. They never response. :( Any suggestion is much much appreciated here. Thank you!

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Separating right before ROC?
8:40 pm May 25, 2021


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Sorry if this gets confusing....

Wife's cousin came in 2017 on a tourist visa and was staying with us. She started dating a guy and they eventually got married in 2018. They filed for AOS and she received her conditional GC in September of 2019. She should be filing for ROC at the end of June. They've had a rough go of it from the beginning, but I believe the marriage was in good faith. Due to his finances (don't buy bitcoin on your credit card) they have been living with his parents since they got married. They don't have that much in the way of assets or finances to conjoin. They recently relocated with his parents to another state. She had hoped a change of scenery would get him to be a bit more independent, but that really hasn't happened. He is now questioning if he wants to go through with helping her file for ROC and has brought up that he is thinking about divorce. He doesn't want his parents to be on the hook for her support if they do get divorced (he would need a cosponsor), which I do understand.

My question is as follows: I know that a 751 divorce waiver requires proof that divorce proceedings have begun, but what do you do when a spouse does not want to file for ROC but no divorce or separation has actually occurred yet? (Support is not an issue, as I am willing to be her sponsor)

Also, what are the legal/ethical issues if they were to file for ROC knowing that they would be divorced soon after. (In this case I would still be the cosponsor)

Thanks for your advice.

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Old Timer Has Come Back...
7:17 pm May 23, 2021


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Its been a long time. Been happily married now for almost 14 years! Long time ago, there was a thread here called Sawasdee but i see it has been inactive for some time now. My wife's sister is wanting to come here how with her son, (her husband in Thailand recently died). I don't know where to start... maybe someone could give me a pointer?


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Dependent children, not in the US
3:43 pm May 23, 2021


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Do I need to submit passport photos of my children, not immigrating with me or in the US, with my I - 751?

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