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Dependent status after petitioner combo interview (N-400 Naturalization + I-751) ?
8:38 pm March 15, 2023



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Hi. My wife applied to both N-400 naturalization and I-751 to extend the green card. We included our adult son in her I-751 petition but he was not eligible for citizenship since he has a 5 year requirement vs 3 years for my wife. Now we have a scheduled combo interview for both petitions, but it makes no mention of her dependent. Assuming she gets approved and then gets scheduled for an Oath Ceremony, does that automatically approve the extended green card for our son? Or will he get a separate interview? Thanks!

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I-130 and I-551 approved
2:14 pm February 17, 2023


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Hi All,

I have applied for my dad to come to US, first I filed I-130 and chose to go with NVC route. Later, he got tourist visa and came to US, so I decided to get his green card here in US and filed I-551. Then he had to leave country on emergency for surgery without Advance Parole, now we received I-130 and I-551 approved. Can we mail him his green card? Will he be able to enter US with it?

Also, he had dependent on his application which is still pending. Can I use I-824 for his dependent to go thru NVC process?

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Spouse petition
3:18 am February 12, 2023



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Hello Everyone. My husband is a United States citizen. We have a 2 years old baby and i have a overstayed visa. I came as F1 student visa to US but i never went to school i wasnt able to. My husband wants to petition me to get my green card but how can we do it without spending so much on layers and instead do it ourselves? Do i really need to get a lawyer? Thank you all

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N-400 - Oath Ceremony Cancelled / Oath Ceremony De-Scheduled
2:53 am July 8, 2022



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To track on how many Oath Ceremonies got cancelled and how long did it take for it to be rescheduled or how many still waiting.

My oath ceremony got cancelled one day prior oath ceremony. Received a phone call and they said due to technical issue my ceremony is cancelled. Received at the same time document online (no actual mail was received). I ve been told to wait now for new date or any other decision they will make over the mail. Tried to reach them via phone, online requests - getting same template answer.

My timeline: Queens USCIS Local Office

N-400 Submitted - 2020/12/16

Interview Date - 2021/11/24

RFE Request - 2022/03/31

RFE Responded - 2022/04/11

Approval - 2022/04/30

Scheduled for Oath - 2022/05/02

Oath Date - 2022/06/09

Oath Cancelled - 2022/06/08

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FX1 Administrative Process
1:29 pm February 21, 2022


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I have filled I-130 for my wife as a green card holder and her case has been approved and was handed to NVC. Later in May 2021 case has been DQ ed by NVC and interview was scheduled. We attended the interview in Almaty, Kazakhstan and was told to upload documents to NVC portal. After reviewing the uploaded documents was asked to file DS-5535, since July 2021 no response from embassy. Every time when I reach them out my case still in Admin Process. What should I do in this case?

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