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US Immigration from Tajikistan

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Slightly damaged/torn envelope
11:24 am


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Hi everyone,

My fiance just picked up her visa and the rest of the sealed documents. Is this going to be ok or should I contact the embassy?




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Interview date and packet 4 received. One question.
5:59 pm

Nick and Sunzha

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We have our interview in a week and will be there together and received the checklist. My main question is on the checklist it does not mention anything about an affidavit of support or even proof of financial or anything along those lines. Is it required or optional? Embassy is Almaty, Kazakhstan. Thanks!

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K1 questions
4:57 am


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Hello everyone :)

Being that this is a haven for all things immigration, I've come here to ask for your assistance with a couple of questions I am unable to figure out on my own.

My fianc has been studying abroad for almost 6 years now in Turkey. She has been back to her home country and stayed a total of 6-8 month in all those six years. She has been granted a student resident card that she has been extending every two years or so. Can I (the US citizen) petition for her to go to Ankara for interview on I-129f or would her student status not be sufficient enough to be considered as a resident of Turkey in the eyes of the USCIS or NVC? She wouldn't be completing her studies until end of this year. It makes no difference to us which consulate she would need to go to. One of the I-129f questions (62a-b) needs me to clarify that and we would like for her to be able to interview in Ankara if she is eligible for it. I have known her for almost a year and have visited her once in Istanbul which I plan to go again somewhere in the next three months.

There's another quirk to our case. Her father has overstayed his visitor's visa in the US from what she tells me. Will that impinge my petition for her in any way? It's difficult enough of a process in having to wait to be with your loved one so I thought its best to at least bring this issue up and get some genuine feedback from you wonderful folks.

Thank you in advance for any help I get.

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Green card holder applied for i-130petition Alien relative to bring the spouse
3:46 am

Karim Dodobaev

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Hi guys thank you for your advice in advance!

im a perminant resident applied for i-130 petition to bring my wife on December 22nd 2016 they received my application it has been 11 months I didn t get anything yet can you tell me please how long the process usually takes, and what is the next step , and please can anyone tell me while my application is in process is any way for my wife to get b1-b2 visa?

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It's been 115 days since I passed my Naturalization exam and I did not receive my oath letter.
3:44 pm


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I filled my n400 application on January 21 2017. On July 20 I had my exam where I passed it. Today is November 15 and I still didn't receive my oath letter. Does anyone else have the same problem?

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