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  1. Hello, Received GC in the mail today. Good luck everyone.
  2. That is great to hear. Unfortunately, our medical document was lost even after we transcribed pending vaccines they came back to request only report which is strange because original medical exam had all of that information. Nevertheless, we have the GC on hand. Approved. Good luck to those who are waiting and be patient.
  3. Stop by the local office if you can. Usually phone calls are very rare or unheard of but you never know. In my case it seemed little strange why they called instead of mailing and she would not share any information so that made it more strange.
  4. Absolutely. Thanks for keeping track.
  5. Yes. After my naturalization I made corrections to my name through court because of that they wanted to update my certificate but officer told me not to worry because I already have my passport and in the event i have to provide evidence i have court paper work. however, i am still waiting to hear back as the lady who called said they will transfer my file to local office where i live now. So we will see.
  6. I will let you all know what I find out.
  7. All of that is correct. I will contact them to find out.
  8. Yeah, I have my passport already. That is why I am little concern. I will contact them after holidays.
  9. No caller ID. I called USCIS but they do not know and have limited access. Suggested I call back Monday and speak with T2 officer.
  10. That's what I thought as well but then she would share any additional information other then asking me my current state and city so the local office can contact me. Very strange in my opinion.
  11. Nope, I see no mistakes. DOB, Name, and A number all match.
  12. Hello, I received a call from local USCIS office where my Naturalization was approved. Lady stated "she is calling on behalf of USCIS and her supervisor to inform me that there has been a mistake on my certificate and i should come to local office to have them fix it, free of charge." She would not tell me what was the mistake or share any information. I no longer live in that state. It has been over a year since my naturalization. I am little concern that it is a spam call. Is it normal to receive a call from USCIS about certificate? Thanks,
  13. I might be mistaking but K-1 is good for one year. You need a USCIS physician that can transcribe your existing record onto I-693. Unfortunately, most practices will fool us by saying results are only good for 6 months or since it was not done at their clinic you will have to redo your exam and vaccines. If you search this forum you may find a reliable physician in your area. We are waiting as well.
  14. please see my responses above. at this point we are just waiting to hear back whether they accept it.
  15. exactly what happened to us. hence had to just redo everything and drop it off.
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