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US Immigration from Sudan

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Case Expedite
2:14 am May 6, 2022


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I requested an expedite for my husband and about a week ago the Embassy accepted the request

Today I got a message saying Case expedited to post

Does anyone know what that means?

Does it mean that NVC forwarded the case to the Embassy? Does that mean the interview is near?

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I-130 form question
3:54 pm April 11, 2022


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Hi. This question is for a friend going through this process.
She s asking about these questions in the i-130 form (i don t remember filing them out when i applied)

Does she need to fill them out?


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Expedite request through Senator's office
10:30 pm December 26, 2021


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A little background for our NVC stage

1st submission: Aug 22, 2021

Initial review: Nov 20, 2021

We were asked to reupload 2021 tax transcript for joint sponsor. All other docs were accepted. But I've been noticing that they're taking THREE MONTHS to review cases now and that is a long time so I contacted my senator's office and they got all the files they needed by Dec 20th, 2021.

Has anyone expedited through their senator's office recently? How long did it take to get the case reviewed/sent to the embassy/DQ'ed?

I just want to know what sort of time frame we're looking at here.

Any info will be helpful

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Adjusting status
1:43 pm October 13, 2021



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Hi all,

My fiance finally got his k1 visa after 2.5 years. When he finally got the visa, the window of time was shorter based on when had his medical exam. So from the time of getting it he only had/has 3 months to travel, marry me and adjust status. Anyways, he came here as soon as he got the visa and and we got married over a month ago. I had a really good job and I used my savings for us to move into a nice apartment (out of my moms house) and was hoping that my next few paychecks could go toward adjusting his status before the k1 expires. This week I was laid off and now I don't know what to do. I am in a difficult situation. I need some of the few money I have left to keep up with our bills until I can get another job. And he cant get a job yet until his status is changed. Now I am afraid I wont be able to adjust his status until his k1 is expired. Hopefully i can get the money and file before the end of the month. The k1 expires on Oct 23rd. So it may only be expired by a few days at the time of filing but I'm just still so worried that this may cause an issue. We did everything else as we were supposed to. And we got married just a few weeks after his arrival once we had the marriage certificate and figured out the small details to get married. He married me well within the window of time of his visa. Has anyone else been in this situation before where they were married on time but weren't able to adjust status before the expiration of the k1? Thanks.

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Who can file affidavit of support?
5:04 pm September 26, 2021



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I am filing a petition for my husband overseas and we just got approved waiting for case to transfer to NVC. However, I am a bit confused on the AOS and who can be a sponsor. I am currently unemployed and was wondering if a friend can sponsor my husband or does it have to be a relative? And if so, do I still need to file a form along with my joint sponsor? (Do we each need to file?) Also, which form will she need to file?

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