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US Immigration from Sudan

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Laminated (split)
3:29 pm


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Does anyone know if laminated original documents are accepted at the interview?

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NVC process
1:57 am


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Hello VisaJourney family,

Is there a threat for NVC for those that got their NOA2 in September 2018?

I am just trying to learn more about the process.



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Original document
11:04 pm


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Hello everyone,

I have submitted one of my original document to USCIS. The case got approved at the end of last month. Is there away I can get it back?

Thanks in advance for your time and information.



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I have medicaid, will this affect my petition for the K-1 visa?
6:52 am


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I petitioned for a K-1 visa for my fiance in August. Everything is still in the early stages. This new rule about the trump administration blocking visas and green card applicants that have used any government benefits is scary since I am on medicaid and receive government benefits. Will this new rule affect my application directly or is it more likely to affect those applying for a green card? I don't plan on using the benefits for long and as far as the financial support status, I have family with supplemental income that can provide me with the affidavit of support.

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6:56 am


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Hiii ! I've been looking for Sudanese immigrant applicants everywhere on the internet. We aren't easy to find lol, so i figured I'll start a topic here for us where we can share information about our cases or any other KHT cases you might know to have an idea of timelines and for support..offcourse. Please inform others about this topic too. Best of luck to everyone.

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