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  1. Hello Zara, I got an interview date today for the end of March. I am excited. It's one more step and hopefully it will be over well. I hope you get your interview soon.
  2. Congrats MRSB2212. I hope you we both get March interview. Yeah, it was a long time in Kenya. Thanks.
  3. I hope you get it soon Zara.
  4. Hello MrsB2212, I got an email from the NVC. I believed you will get a result next week. Yes, Kenya is a great place to visit. I was a Refugee in Kenya for 9 yrs before coming to US. I hope I get the interview date for March.
  5. Hi Zara, I hope you get an interview date. My case is closed today. Now, the wait for an interview date starts. Does anyone know how long it takes to get an interview date in Kenya?
  6. Congrats Zara. I hope someone can answer that question for you. I sent my 2017 IRS transcript on January 23, 2019 and I believed it will take another week or so before I can hear from them.
  7. The case is not approved but the civil document including photo are approved and completed. Only my 2017 IRS transcript was requested and I sent on the 23rd of January.
  8. Zara, I am sorry to hear that. I uploaded my IRS transcript too on January 23, 2019. For the photo, I believed this is for civil document. I uploaded one picture. I didn't upload the back of the photo and it was approved.
  9. I am sorry to hear that. The pattern has been two weeks. You will get response by Monday if not Friday. This is the second REF for me. I just hope they asked whatever they want at once. I was hoping this part would be easy but it has proven difficult. For me, I know I will not have interview in February anymore. I was hoping for it.
  10. Zara, I hope you got your interview date. I got another REF yesterday asking for my 2017 IRS Transcripts. I just do know why they cannot ask for what they want at once. It's so frustrating.
  11. Congratulations Zara I do not know what that means. I believed it is a case closed. You are up for an interview next.
  12. I am still waiting. I resubmitted my documents on the January 8, 2019.
  13. Hi Zara, Any updates on your case?
  14. Hello Zara, I got REF on my I-864 last night. I am trying to replace it now but it won't. I kept giving me an error message such as file size. This was that same document I uploaded before. I know why it does not accept it. This is so frustrating.