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  1. Unfortunately, I do know Arabic.
  2. It depends on each Embassy's schedule. For me, mine was finalized on February 5th, 2019 and got appointment on the 15th of the same month for the end of March. I would say you will hear your appointment on the 15th of this month. They usually do scheduling on the 15th of every month. By the way, my wife received her visa on the 2nd. I hope this helps.
  3. Hello Visa Journey family, My wife visa was approved on May 2, 2019. However, I made a mistake when I registered for DHL and put my name on the created account. Now the visa is ready for a pick up but no tracking number because they want me to edit the name on the DHL account. I tried to edit but the name part is always grayed out. What do I need to do? Thanks in advance.
  4. Yes I have submitted 2017 IRS transcript and still waiting for the 2018. I will see if I can get someone that have these documents available. Thanks.
  5. Thanks again John. I asked the Embassy if I can use the form but they insist I wait for the actual transcript.
  6. Hi John, There was no form submitted. The Joint Sponsor filed for amendment of his taxes and that's why it is not ready. They told him it will be ready once they issue his return per the amendment. I hope this help.
  7. Thanks John & Rose for your input. I have 2017 IRS transcript. Where do I find the " copy of the extension form?" I tried to get 2018 IRS transcript but they kept telling me it is not ready.
  8. Hi all, My wife did an interview on the March 26, 2019 but was asked to provide 2018 IRS transcript for the Joint Sponsor. The Joint Sponsor filed an amendment on his taxes and his transcript is not ready. I have already submitted his passport photocopy. Is it possible to remove his information and have another person file the Joint Sponsor form (Form 864)?
  9. Hello Zara, I got an interview date today for the end of March. I am excited. It's one more step and hopefully it will be over well. I hope you get your interview soon.
  10. Congrats MRSB2212. I hope you we both get March interview. Yeah, it was a long time in Kenya. Thanks.
  11. Hello MrsB2212, I got an email from the NVC. I believed you will get a result next week. Yes, Kenya is a great place to visit. I was a Refugee in Kenya for 9 yrs before coming to US. I hope I get the interview date for March.
  12. Hi Zara, I hope you get an interview date. My case is closed today. Now, the wait for an interview date starts. Does anyone know how long it takes to get an interview date in Kenya?
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