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  1. I’m pregnant and my pregnancy is high risk and I have no support system here. I got documents from the clinic to support this and I had my senator’s office file the expedite for me Thank you to all that replied ❤️
  2. Okay so should I still get a DQ email? Or have the last papers we submitted be accepted? Because the last papers still just say submitted and I didn’t get any sort of email of NVC
  3. Hi I requested an expedite for my husband and about a week ago the Embassy accepted the request… Today I got a message saying “Case expedited to post” Does anyone know what that means? Does it mean that NVC forwarded the case to the Embassy? Does that mean the interview is near?
  4. Almost same exact timeline for exact reasons 😅 Original submission August 23, 2021 1st RFE on November 17th, 2021 2nd RFE on February 24, 2022
  5. Hi. This question is for a friend going through this process. She’s asking about these questions in the i-130 form (i don’t remember filing them out when i applied) Does she need to fill them out?
  6. Hi guys… So I got a message saying case rfe asking for more 2020 1099 for my joint sponsor but when I looked at the documents they were accepeted… has this happened to anyone? What happened? Should I call NVC in the morning?
  7. This is amazing news congrats! We're almost in the same position 1st submission Aug 22nd NVC RFE Nov 17th 2nd submission Nov 20th I'm hoping we get some news by the end of the week *fingers crossed*
  8. Hello I was looking for this in the NVC forum 😅 I initially submitted in August and in November I was asked to resubmit a document So my resubmission date is Nov 20th Waiting to hear some good news soon
  9. I'm in the exact same position as you I first uploaded everything on Aug 22nd (with 2019 tax return since my joint sponsor had not filed his 2020 one yet) They reviewed on Nov 17th and said they needed the new tax return from my joint sponsor. Uploaded it the very next day I've been waiting for a reply ever since 😢 Everything else is accepted except this one So it does seem like the back of the line for me at least
  10. Okay I feel like there has been a misunderstanding I know the entire IR1 visa process takes 1-2 years. I'm complaining about the NVC stage in the process. It used to be a couple of weeks and now it's up to 3 months for a resubmission of 1 document. I also know that to expedite you need to have legitimate reasons, which I do. 1. I (the petitioner) have a health condition that requires me to travel back to the US by the end of January at the latest (I am now with my husband abroad) and I need my husband to be able to travel with me for physical assistance throughout the trip. 2. My husband recently got laid off from his job, so we're going through a financial hardship at the moment. 3. The country we are in is not really safe at the moment with a lot of civil unrest and violence. Even the US embassy's website has a big "DO NOT TRAVEL TO" warning due to this. All of this is documented. My main issue is my health condition otherwise I wouldn't have filed for the expedite.
  11. A little background for our NVC stage 1st submission: Aug 22, 2021 Initial review: Nov 20, 2021 We were asked to reupload 2021 tax transcript for joint sponsor. All other docs were accepted. But I've been noticing that they're taking THREE MONTHS to review cases now and that is a long time so I contacted my senator's office and they got all the files they needed by Dec 20th, 2021. Has anyone expedited through their senator's office recently? How long did it take to get the case reviewed/sent to the embassy/DQ'ed? I just want to know what sort of time frame we're looking at here. Any info will be helpful
  12. Thought I'd create this thread for those who submitted files to the NVC in August since I couldn't find one My date of submission is 8/22 As of 9/7 they're reviewing cases received on 6/29 It's been going a bit faster the past couple of weeks so hopefully we hear something soon *fingers crossed*
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