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  1. I had the same issue, I am also a LIN filler. Filled in june. Bio was in November, we received the RFE on may 8th.. They need more Evidence of our Bonafide marriage. although we sent everything thing we had at the time.. But we had a baby after that. , so we will be sending her birth certificate, and the new TAx return
  2. I received the exact same letter, and we have sent everything too.. but fortunately we had a baby recently and we bought a car together. I will also send the new tax files and appartment rental renewal forms., our baby birth certificate, our car title and insurance with our both names on it. Good luck
  3. Same here 😭 Finger prints was on 11/15
  4. Yes . I have the correct case number The new website worked for me and showing that the case was received!
  5. I remember you from March 2017 AOS Filers . We also had almost same timeline.. good luck ☺ See you there, ours at 2 pm
  6. Congratulations Can you please share the 2 websites with me , my case was received last June and it still showing this(( My Case Status does not recognize the receipt number entered. Please check your receipt number and try again. If you need further assistance, please call the USCIS Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283.)) although I received a letter for the biometrics in the mail last week
  7. Thank you for the informations My friend has a question, he is a U.S citizen he and his wife both live abroad. They are only married for 3 months now. How long they should be married before applying to his wife ? And which form. Thank you
  8. I am K1 , and I also got LIN Nebraska service center Mine was received 6/19 Got text messages only, waiting for NOA in the mail. Do you know if there is a spreadsheet for us that we can join and fill out our dates? Good luck
  9. OMG, lol I think we will start preparing for N400 And forget about I751 😂
  10. Yaaay ..I just got a text message My case number starts with LIN. So I guess it is Nebraska service center. Does anyone know is it fast or slow? Anyone got the same LIN? Thanks
  11. Yes we sent form G1145 But nothing yet. If you got your text, that means your NOA is on way. If not tomorrow, you will receive it on Monday. Good luck
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