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  1. That's what confused me as per the consular affairs that i will be rescheduled and per US embassy its not possible
  2. Thank you sir , as per this email that my will rescheduled as the US embassy opens , is it possible while the Proclamation is in effect, as per embassy that its not possible to issue IV as the proclamation is in effect, it confusing
  3. Today I received this email from my congressman
  4. As of March 22nd i received my expedited interview letter، for april 01 and it was cancelled, and as per DOS child who may age out are exempt from the presidential proclamation, i have try to contact the US embassy many time but no response, and the congressman man tried too , then he said that he will contact US DOS consular affairs
  5. As per my congratulations that my request was forwarded to DOS consular affairs because no response from our embassy, what does this mean, and what should I expect?
  6. Birth date 25/09/1997 Priority date 26/04/2018 Approval date 06/12/2019 Ds-260 25/02/2020
  7. What confuses me when i calculate my cspa age online it shows i aged out, and my expedite interview request was approved back in March to me aging out , that what confuses me
  8. The congressman and i , we have been trying to email the embassy many times ، automatic response although i have a reason for expedite request due to me aging out
  9. Yeah i know that, my thing that I'm confused between consular affairs and NVC
  10. uhaaa , my question is that do they mean by US DOS consular affairs the NVC ? , BECAUSE NVC HAS ALREADY SENT TO THE EMBASSY SINCE MARCH
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