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US Immigration from Spain

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Can foreign spouse visit me in the US during pandemic?
7:41 pm May 2, 2020



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I m an american citizen.

My wife and I were married last year in Spain, so our marriage is completely legal in Spain, but not processed in the US.

She is currently living and working in London.

She is planning to come visit me here in the US for one month during this pandemic with an ESTA.

Is she able to board an airplane and cross the US border smoothly since she is the spouse of an American citizen?

We are planning to put together all info such as, marriage certificate (in spanish from Spain), proof of one month round trip flight, work contract proving she s not trying to stay, also, some extensive proof just in case.

Has anyone experienced something similar to this?

By traveling with an ESTA, is she going to be able to cross the border as a spouse of a US citizen?

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Native Spanish (Form I-944)
5:40 pm April 24, 2020


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Hi guys,

I am filling out the form I-944 and I am not sure what to write in the language section (Part 4, number 5, see image attached?

For English I have no problem because I have a recent TOEFL certificate (I am a graduate student in the US), but what about my native language? It is Spanish, should I indicate it? Obviously I do not have any certificate for Spanish Language itself, but I am attaching my high school diploma and my bachelor's degree from Spain... not sure if that is a valid way to show evidence of my skill in Spanish. Anyway, should I add Spanish in that part, or is not necessary?

Thank you


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Any approvals today?
4:00 am April 24, 2020



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After the EO, has anyone been approved today?

Just to check if USCIS is working normally.

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About credit score
3:36 am April 24, 2020


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Hi guys,

I have some questions about my credit score. I have a credit card since November 2019 and I have been paying my debts since then. I got today a credit report and credit score through TransUnion. Two things:

1) I could just print the credit report from the website to a PDF showing that I have no debts and my credit score. Is this enough to attach it in the AoS package or I need any type of official copy from them? I did not see the option apart from downloading the PDF.

2) I got a credit score of 706, grade C. I know it is not so high but do you think it's enough for this form I-944?

Thank you again for your valuable help,

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Air travel MEX-US
4:07 pm April 23, 2020

Ela S.

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Hi there! I know the land border between Mexico and the US is banned for non-essential travel until May 19th. Have they said anything about banning air travel? Right now if you have a valid visa, can you enter the US from Mexico through air travel? TIA!

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