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  1. That's very unfortunate, but good to know nonetheless. Thanks for letting me know -- so sorry to hear it took so long to receive your case number. Hoping for the best
  2. Today the case file creation time says they’re assigning them to cases received on June 21, but I still have yet to receive a case number for mine (received on June 19). Does this mean they’re done assigning numbers to everything received before June 21? Trying to understand the process and why I don’t have a number yet. When I call, they don’t have the number but since they can’t see the online estimate they just repeat it can take up to 8 weeks. So hard not to be impatient but we all have to deal with it I suppose!
  3. I’ve been waiting for my invoice number since June 19, been contacting the NVC via phone and email. Still no assigned number yet. We just have to be patient and wait for the number to be assigned before we can proceed.
  4. Generally, quality face to face time is an important aspect. That being said, approval is based on a variety of factors (the quality and amount of evidence for a bona fide relationship you've provided), consular office, degree of fraud risk, etc. I've seen people with far more get denied (possibly due to other factors) and people with the same or less get approved. Just provide as much bona fide evidence as you can! There are lots of discussions on VJ about evidence to submit for the K1 process. Some factors that may raise "red flags" are described below (but I have seen plenty of people on VJ get approved despite one (or many) of these "red flags") so take it all with a grain of salt 👍: https://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/fiance-visa-proving-your-bona-fide-29545/
  5. Since my I-130 tracking reported leaving USCIS, I've been calling the NVC to check my status, simply because: 1. I am impatient (haha) and 2. Because some VJers actually reported never receiving a letter or e-mail, so I want to make sure I stay on top of things. I e-mailed them an inquiry at one point too, but no reply (and I've heard those can take awhile to get a response).
  6. I'm pretty sure most of these things can be established with a phone call, though for banks some of them prefer you to sign in person (that's for the ones that even allow you to add someone). My bank, for example, will not allow me to add my husband as he has no SSN/ITIN; and my credit card companies state the same about making him an authorized user. Some banks/credit card companies will allow you to do this though via phone call. I'm young and still a student so I also have no life insurance/retirement policy yet to add my husband to. I'm actually not familiar with the processes to establish power of attorney, etc. I know there are plenty of forums/discussions on it here on VJ as bona fide evidence. My husband's name is on my utility bills and car insurance (as a non-driver) now. This was accomplished via a phone call to each company. Again, this is simply my experience so it's not a ~hard and fast rule~ to follow, but when I submitted my I-130 (which was approved) I only had the following: - boarding passes from 10 years of visits - passport stamps from these visits - photos with captions of us together/our families together/our wedding - evidence of time spent together (like concert tickets that had both of names on it, or trips we took together) - three third party affidavits (though I've been told on VJ that these really don't bear much weight) - some chat logs (though I've been told these also don't bear much weight, as quality face-to-face time is most important) - receipt for our wedding bands + my engagement ring (which was stated to have my mother's diamond in it) + appraisal of the ring with the diamond set in it - wedding invitation + bridal shower invitation - marriage certificate
  7. Not a problem at all — I didn’t know there was a current case review time!! Also good to know as I get further in the NVC process
  8. I’m not a USCIS officer, so I can only speak from my experience/what I’ve seen here. I scanned them or used digital photos, then included a caption (location/who is in it/when it was taken), then printed them in color with the captions below them. I included photos from a wide time range with various people/family members in some of them to evidence quality face to face time spent together. I’ve seen people send 10 and I’ve seen people send hundreds. I sent about 45 or so. USCIS prefers single sided documents rather than double sided, so I’d put the caption on the same page if you can. Best wishes
  9. Thanks for the heads up — didn’t know they couldn’t see the website estimate. Wish there was a faster way through this but I guess we just have to wait! Best of luck to you, hope you get your number soon
  10. Oh, I think I misunderstood the metric on their website then. It’s confusing that it’s under case file creation? Are you positive that’s only for working on cases with NVC docs submitted? If so, I’ve been thinking about this all wrong! I’ve called in a few times and sent a email inquiry to NVC — no case number. Thanks!
  11. Things like power of attorney, wills, and adding both names to bills can serve as evidence too. I used all of the things you listed when I filed my I-130, plus affidavits which arken mentioned.
  12. Anyone get their case number assigned recently? If so, when was your case received from USCIS and when was your case number assigned? My file reached NVC on June 19, but no case number yet. As of last Monday, it said they were working on cases from June 17. Hoping to hear something soon.
  13. I hope so too. And yes I am also under the impression transcripts are required. I have transcripts for previous years, but so far no transcript for 2018 given my situation. Does this mean I have to wait to submit AOS until I get this transcript? Or is there a way to include why I don’t have it and provide it later down the line? Thanks
  14. Hi; I filed paper because you can’t do electronic for “married filing separately” since my husband is a nonresident alien with no ITIN or SSN.
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