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US Immigration from Peru

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I-130 approved, I-485 still under review
1:01 pm February 5, 2024


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I feel like there must be a really obvious place to get this information and I'm just missing it. Could anyone please help me? We are trying to do AOS for a parent of a USC. After 17 months, the I-130 was finally approved, but I-485 is still under review at NVC. What should we expect next? Another long period of waiting?

Thank you for any advice.

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I-797 approval - help please!
2:32 am February 5, 2024


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I got the I-797 notice of approval on December 19th 2023. I then received an email stating that the NVC transferred my case to the US embassy in Lima and that this could take several weeks- which is vague. Considering it s been almost 2 months, is this normal for a wait time for the embassy to confirm receipt? How can I check they ve received my case? Or is it just a waiting game? Any help is appreciated on what to expect. Thanks!

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Front Loading For Peru
8:48 am January 31, 2024



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Greetings. Before I begin I first wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone in this community for the invaluable knowledge that is freely shared so that everyday people like me have confidence when taking their first steps on the US immigration journey. Without this forum I know that I would not have the slightest clue on where to begin but throughout my lurking for almost a year at this point I now have a pretty solid grasp (or so I like to think) on the process and what to expect, and for that I thank you. I look forward to sharing my fianc e and I's journey with you all, and hopefully it will serve to help others who embark on this journey in the future just as all of you have helped me.

With that out of the way, I had one question. My fianc e and I met in person in Peru for the first time in March 2023. I will be going back to visit her for a second time in March of this year during which time we will be getting the necessary things together so that I can send in the I-129F upon my return to the US. My question is this: Is Peru one of the countries where front loading the application is recommended? If so I would like to start getting all of that together so that the process of sending it in is smooth and easy. Thank you all for your time and input.

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"Unread Content" Link
4:39 pm January 19, 2024



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Is it just me, or is everyone not having any luck getting the page to load when you click on the Unread Content link? All else seems to be working ok.

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Financial support affidavit
11:49 pm December 24, 2023


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Hello! I just got my petition approved and an email sent to me saying they were sending my petition off to my fianc s country, Peru. I m uncertain if that email means my fianc e should start getting his docs together or if I have to wait for a physical letter in the mail telling me that Peru received my petition? Fianc is anxious as he isn t sure when he should start scheduling medical exams, etc.

Also, for financial support affidavit - can that come from either me or him? It says he has to provide it but I thought I read he could use my paperwork showing I can support him during his stay?

Thank you!

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