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  1. Hey can I ask how far out did the embassy schedule your interview after they received your application? Thank you!
  2. Thank you, that's encouraging. I sent the entire package as letter sized sheets with everything just printed directly in color on those sheets. I clipped the whole thing together with a single binder clip and put it inside of a simple folder just to protect it inside of the plastic bubble wrap package. I sent both of our Bio pages from our passports and our passport stamps as well as my birth certificate. I did not include any blank passport pages. The package just arrived today, hoping for a fast turnaround, but expecting delays because it's the USCIS 😅🤞
  3. Hey all, I'm about to file our I-129F. At the advice of a lot of people on reddit we followed the S+Y K1 Visa Journey videos. I have met my fiancée 4 times in total, all of which are within the last 2 years. She is from Peru and I'm not sure whether that's considered a high fraud country, though I'm assuming being in LATAM it is. Our packet shakes out to be about 95 pages organized like this: Passport Photos G-1450 G-1145 Cover Letter Table of Contents I-129F Question 54 supplement (1 page) Photocopy of hers and my passport stamps and bio pages Visit 1 --boarding passes or receipts if boarding passes aren't available --hotel receipts --photos (6 with landmarks) Visit 2 --boarding passes or receipts if boarding passes aren't available --hotel receipts --photos (6 total some landmarks, x2 screenshots of social media posts with photos from this meeting one from hers one from mine) Visit 3 --boarding passes or receipts if boarding passes aren't available --hotel receipt --photos (3 short visit) Visit 4 --boarding passes or receipts if boarding passes aren't available --hotel receipts --photos (12 total spanning 6 months including with her family and mine, her wearing engagement ring and a photo of both of our closed passports with boarding passes sticking out, our names and destinations are visible, but no date). Engagement ring receipt Our letters of intent Is this too much? If Peru is considered high fraud I would think that I should front-load evidence, right? Our service center should be California. Thank you so much in advance, this website is an incredible resource.
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