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I-134 for deployed Soldier
7:56 pm March 1, 2021

Kim G

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Let me introduce myself first, I deployed last year (2020), while I am deployed my W2 only included amount that is taxable. (Most of pay is non-taxable). Taxable amount is around 12,000. (Included taxable and none-taxable wages are around 42,000). If that case my tax return wages and W2 wages will not fit on the wages that they required, because they only count taxable wages. According to the rapid visa.com my minimum income requirement is $21,000.

My question is on I-134 part3 #3 my annual income is 12k or 42k? If my annual income is 12k, is 12k enough for minimum wage since I deployed?

Thank you so much for your help

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K1 Visa receipt
9:55 pm December 13, 2020



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Hey all, I'm just starting my journey here. I sent the application on November 7th, 2020. I saw that it should take 2-3 weeks to receive a receipt that they have received the application but haven't received one yet nearly 5 weeks later. I'm know Covid is probably causing delays so just wondering if anyone else started their journey around the same time or after me but have received it already. Thanks.

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Waiting for AOS and husband not contributing enough
5:37 pm November 1, 2018

Michael & Michele

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I'm beyond confused. I met my now husband in August 2016 in St. Maarten and we fell in love. He asked me to marry him. During the year we were apart I amassed a significant amount of debt primarily due to loaning him money to pay rent, utilities, food, phone, paperwork for his residency, paperwork for his passport, and the fees involved with the K-1 Visa. Essentially I was supporting two households. He always promised me I would be getting this money back. My husband arrived here 14 months ago with nothing. Literally nothing. The clothes on his back. Purchases I made for him he left behind with family members (TV, furniture etc). Now he's living here almost 14 months and is working full time. During the 14 months he's here, I paid thousands of dollars for his dental work, sent thousands back home to his children, bought his clothes, bought school clothes for his children, cell phones for him and his children, taken him on vacation, provided EVERY aspect of his life. He won money playing a lottery and tried to cash the ticket without me knowing but ultimately I found out and after a week of horrible arguing he agreed to give me half of his winnings. He kept his half, I put mine toward my now huge debt. He allowed me to handle his paycheck and I was giving him spending money weekly and still paying ALL household expenses. NOW he opens up a separate bank account and I have no access to his paycheck. He tells me he needs to "SAVE" money. He needs money for his children and me in the event of an emergency. I don't think it's reasonable for him to save more money weekly than he's contributing to the household knowing the credit card debt I'm carrying. He says he married me for love and not a green card but I'm seriously beginning to doubt that. Help???

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NVC Notification
8:30 pm September 17, 2018



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Hi Everyone,

I have been waiting to receive notice from the NVC that our documents were received, but have not received anything. I called today and was given my case number though. Did this happen to anyone else? How long did it take to receive the notice by mail/email? I don't know what to do until I get further instruction.

Thank you!

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Help? Embassy Change
5:57 pm May 17, 2017

Michael & Michele

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Hi All and thanks in advance for any help.

My fiancee is a Jamaican living in Sint Maarten (the past 15 years) He holds a Jamaican passport which was lost 9 months ago that we have painfully been trying to replace. My petition was approved on 4/20 and although I never received a formal letter yet I called NVC and got a file number. We have been assigned to the Embassy in Bogota, Columbia! I understand that there's no Embassy in Sint Maarten but there are three (Jamaica, Barbados, Curacao) a whole lot closer than a 5 1/2 hour plane ride. I completed the ask.nvc form on-line with a request for an Embassy change. Any other suggestions at this point?

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