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K1 4 month validity
3:59 pm January 27, 2022



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So, once the K1 visa is approved by the USCIS, it says it's valid for 4 months after that. Mine was approved by the USCIS back in June. However, it didn't leave the NVC until sometime in November. I now have an interview scheduled Feb 8th. I did remember an email saying they would autoextend it but has anyone else ran into this issue?

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Barbados Packet 4
3:49 pm November 18, 2021


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Hi Guys,

I am currently preparing for my K-1 Visa interview in Barbados. I sent the embassy my statement of readiness and they sent me packet 4 however I did not receive an appointment letter/email. The packet did not include instructions on how to make an appointment and pay the DS160 online. I am a little confused as to what I should be doing now.

Has this happen to anyone before? Can anyone give me insight on how to proceed further? Thank you in advance!

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How long from NVC to Embassy for K-1s?
4:48 pm October 22, 2021


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Hi everyone,

How long does it generally take for k-1s to get their interview date after receiving your case number from NVC?

I received my case number from NVC on Oct 12th but the status is still saying "At NVC".

P.S. My interview will be in Barbados, for anyone who has had experience with this embassy can you also share what it was like?


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Adjusting status within US
6:22 pm July 11, 2021

Ragena Miller

Ragena Miller

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I migrated to USA leaving my daughter back home. My usa citizen husband who filed for me told me he would also migrate my daughter (from a previous relationship). My daughter visited us every summer. An I-130 was filed. Covid19 and the stress of Money amongst other things depleted our marriage. Although the I-130 establishing the relationship between my daughter and estranged ex husband was approved, My ex husband is refusing to complete the process of migrating my child. Please advise what steps I should take. I know I can do the I-751 with a divorce waiver at anytime but I m more concerned about my child who is currently here with me since December due to Covid. Please advise what steps I should take to adjust her status.

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Anyone here from the ABC islands?
12:39 am June 10, 2021



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So, I'm American and applying for someone from Curacao. I'm trying to research where the interview will take place and it seems like it is in Colombia for all 3 ABC islands. I looked on the website and it said "immigrant" visas will be in Colombia but nothing about nonimmigrant visas. However, Colombia looks like it is shut down due to Covid right now. Is there any way to transfer it to another embassy? Thanks.

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