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  1. Hey, just following this, also waiting on NL embassy and give a shout if yours ever gets sent from NVC to AMS!

  2. Hey, just following this, also waiting on NL embassy and give a shout if yours ever gets sent from NVC to AMS!

  3. Hey, just following this, also waiting on NL embassy and give a shout if yours ever gets sent from NVC to AMS!
  4. My case was supposed to be the BGT embassy but because my fiance is also the citizen of a different country and the case was still at the NVC, we emailed the NVC with a photo of my fiance's passport and requested they transfer her case there instead and they accepted. So, we now have our case in a country that is actually moving along more quickly! We also contacted our house of representative member and they are FAR more responsive than senators, so give that a try if you're trying to transfer.
  5. Think youll be in Barbados. When the USCIS finishes and gives you your NOA2, theyll give your application to the NVC. The NVC will give you a case number after about a month (call them to get it). Theyll also tell you where your interview will be. The case number will be based on the country. For example, mine is BGT and then some numbers. BGT stands for Bogota. Yours will be whatever Barbados's 3 letters are.
  6. You cant just transfer can you? You need to be a resident of any nation you want to transfer to? It is so dumb because there are tons of other countries nearby (Caribbean, other south American) that are processing like normal. They should shift all of Colombia there if Colombia isnt doing their job.
  7. Yea, that's absurd. They've done over 4000 tier 4 visas a month. It shows they have the capacity to finish all the K1 visas in a month if they wanted to. Is there anyone we can contact?
  8. I think only if the person who needs the visa has residency in Mexico can they move it there.
  9. So Colombia is only doing interviews for Colombia/Venezuela right? The embassy my fiance has to go to is also Colombia but the NVC said they are holding it because Colombia isn't accepting any applications at the moment.
  10. Hey all, I received my NOA2 July 2nd and I called NVC on August 2nd and they gave me a Case number and invoice number (think invoice number was maybe 9 digits long). I try typing it into the CEAC site but it just says can't find it. My case is in the Bogota embassy, which is currently not opened, so basically there's nothing for me to do at this point right? I can only check the CEAC site once it opens up the and the NVC forwards the case over?
  11. So, I'm American and applying for someone from Curacao. I'm trying to research where the interview will take place and it seems like it is in Colombia for all 3 ABC islands. I looked on the website and it said "immigrant" visas will be in Colombia but nothing about nonimmigrant visas. However, Colombia looks like it is shut down due to Covid right now. Is there any way to transfer it to another embassy? Thanks.
  12. Kinda funny how people said things would be moving slower and yet these cases are flying by faster than ever! Wish those still waiting the best of luck!
  13. Finally got it. Sent Nov 3rd. Received Nov 7th at Dallas Lockbox. They cashed my check on the 8th of Feb, no notice yet.
  14. I was sent the 3rd, received the 7th. Nothing yet, money not charged either. Hoping for sometime in the next week.
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