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  1. Greetings from St. Maarten, Here is a link to information you will need to continue this process: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/family-immigration/nonimmigrant-visa-for-a-fiance-k-1.html I believe your consulate is indeed in Bogotá, Columbia and that's is where you will be doing you medical examination as well. Below is the link to the Columbia embassy where it also states: "Embassy Bogota is the designated Immigrant Visa processing post for residents of Colombia, Venezuela, and the Dutch Caribbean islands." https://co.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visas/ In terms of the translations I would get an official translator. I am doing the same in SXM for my documents that are in Dutch/French. Hope this helps!
  2. Hi Guys, I am currently preparing for my K-1 Visa interview in Barbados. I sent the embassy my statement of readiness and they sent me packet 4 however I did not receive an appointment letter/email. The packet did not include instructions on how to make an appointment and pay the DS160 online. I am a little confused as to what I should be doing now. Has this happen to anyone before? Can anyone give me insight on how to proceed further? Thank you in advance!
  3. JoyJo


    I saw that Barbados lifted some entry protocols for vaccinated travelers, so I am hoping that means cases are low and they are not going to shut down anytime soon. What is the level 3? Are K1s level 3?
  4. JoyJo


    Yes, I saw this timeline. I got my NOA2 on 9/14/21 so hopefully I go in transit in the coming week. Are you at NVC or did the consulate receive your case already? Good luck to you as well on your journey.
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    Hey Guys, For all of you who did your interviews at Barbados, how long did you stay at NVC? I've been at NVC for a couple of weeks now. I checked Barbados Embassy website and they are processing a limited amount of K-1 visas, so not sure why I am still at NVC.
  6. Hello there. Did you ever get your visa interview at Barbados? I am currently at NVC and still waiting to go in transit to Barbados. Not sure why its taking soo long or if Barbados is still on "National Pause".
  7. Hi everyone, How long does it generally take for k-1s to get their interview date after receiving your case number from NVC? I received my case number from NVC on Oct 12th but the status is still saying "At NVC". P.S. My interview will be in Barbados, for anyone who has had experience with this embassy can you also share what it was like? Thanks!
  8. Do you know if this is also applicable to the SSS islands as well? I am from St. Maarten and I listed Curacao as my embassy but I saw that they do not process the K1 visas. I am not sure if my embassy will be Columbia or Barbados or even Dominican Republic. Is there any way to know for sure where my interview will be held when the time comes? Thanks!
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