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I-485 K-1 medical form needed?
2:26 pm June 26, 2021



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Hi, I saw in one of the posts that the medical form is also attached with the submission for I-485 for k1. But in the instructions I see that medical form is not needed if medical examination has been completed less than a year before during the submission of application. Could anyone confirm this? And do I need to mention this in the cover letter?

Thank you!

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Has anyone applied for a passport recently?
1:41 pm May 28, 2021



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Which city/state? Did you expedite? How long did it take you to get the passport and your documents back?

I'm trying to get a sense for how long it might take right now, during the pandemic, but as travel restrictions lift and people are looking to travel. Is expediting worth it?

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CR-1 Interview Questions
4:26 am April 30, 2021



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So my spouse is about to appear for an interview. This is my 2nd marriage. I got my greencard through marriage to a US citizen. We were married for 4 years before we got divorced. I am nearing my 2 year anniversary with my wife. I expect there will be a lot of questions regarding my previous marriage.

Can anyone who have experienced something similar share their experience? What kind of questions should I prepare my wife for?

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No interview date yet
4:41 pm April 12, 2021



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Hello guys,

I am a USC. My i-130 for my spouse was approved and on feb 17 , I received an email from NVC saying my case was documentarily qualified. But I have not heard anything after that. What is the average time frame for an interview date for cases like mine? My case is still at the embassy. Country for my case is Nepal. Are embassies prioritizing people who had their interview cancelled because of Trumps proclamation?

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I-751 question(when to file)
12:14 am March 26, 2021



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My wife entered US under CR-1 status earlier in Feb this year. She hasn't received her green card yet, but on the visa the expiration date is July 11, 2021. Is that the date when conditional residency expires, and using the 90 day rule we can file 751 on or after April 12th? Or should we wait for physical green card to arrive and that may have a separate conditional residency expiry date?

Thank for any help!

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