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Stamped passport after interview
4:25 am February 25, 2022



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How long does it take to receive your passport back after your immigrant visa interview at the Embassy in Johanesburg, or other places in the world?

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Citizenship eligibility , conditions still not lifted
1:37 pm January 8, 2022


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Hello, i have applied to remove conditions since last year feb 2021.

they sent me a letter as an extension for 18 months. Which means right now my conditional visa is still valid while they are processing it.

To apply citizenship, it requires myself to have 3 years of greencard.

Technically, in March 2022 i should be eligible but i have not my permission hasn t been lifted yet. Anyone going through the same situation or knows more about it.

from Minnesota.

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Divorce after green card
2:10 am July 26, 2021

Vani & Henry

Vani & Henry

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Hi everybody am seeking advice for green card. Me and husband got married in Oct 2018 and we applied for the IR1 visa. I got my visa 10th March 2020 when covid hit. So I moved to California 12th of July 2020 and received my greencard date 07/12/20 through 07/12/30 which is 10yrs. I was thinking when you apply you get 2yrs then you apply again before the 90 days anniversary. So should send the paperwork again in April or if the greencard shows 10yrs am good .My friend from same country same amount of time she got a Conditional green card whereas I got a different. So my biggest issue is since I moved here I've been going through lots of emotional abuse as my husband has drinking problem. I had to leave the house and stand on the road couple of times as am scared he might hit me.. i had to go through counseling. We are not compatible at all so we might go for a divorce. What are my rights. Am not working I go to school and I have no savings. I can't pay a lawyer. Will i lose my green card status?

Thank you for helping me out

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Case under active review
10:53 pm December 9, 2020

Nab and Ed

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Hey Everyone,

My husband and I sent in our Form I-130 in March 2020 and it was accepted on the 28th of April. I called USCIS in September and they told me that my case had been transferred from TX to Nebraska but we were never notified of this. There was no update at all on our case until yesterday. Our case status currently says "Under Active Review as of 09/12/2020 and our records show nothing is outstanding at this time"

Just wondering if anyone has seen this case status and an estimate of how much longer we will be waiting?



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USCIS approved 3 month ago but NVC not received still
4:15 pm September 10, 2020



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Hello everyone, my fianc e mailed our K1 petition to the Texas Service Center on 2nd of Jan 2020.
Our packet was received on the 10th of Jan 2020.
I-129f was approved on the 18th of June 2020.

Since these chain of events, the only information we have from the USCIS is that they have sent our packet to the NVC, though the latter admit they still havent received our case.

I know things are not running as smoothly as before the lockdown in March but it still worries me that our packet might have been lost along the way. It will nearly be 3 months since the dossier left USCIS(thing which would usually take 2 weeks).

My fianc e has emailed USCIS and called NVC. Both have given generic answers.

Grateful if anyone could enlighten us.

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