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US Immigration from Mauritius

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1:09 am October 30, 2019



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I don't know where to start.

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R-1 visa
1:54 am October 15, 2018



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Uscis says case is currently being adjudicated after my lawyer submitted a service request becaus of outside of normal processing time. They also said: You should receive an notice of action within 45 days. Its been a week already.

What does adjudicate means? Will they take 45 days or it could be anytime?

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Traveling with AP
12:26 pm October 3, 2018

Amar & Aimee

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My wife and i are planning to to Ireland. I have my AP and i have to apply an Irish visa whereas she doesn't.

I still have to show proof that i wont reside in ireland and that i have a work in usa which i dont.

Can i show that my wife is supporting me financially in my application? Any ideas

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Waiting For EAD
3:20 pm September 9, 2018

Amar & Aimee

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Anyone applied for EAD in May 2018 and heard back/got their card?

I want to know the estimated time that people are going through.

Thank you

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Health insurance and pending AOS
8:25 pm August 31, 2018


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my husband is currently waiting for his green card, we re about 4 months in. We applied for health insurance through Mn Sure, they have public and private assistance programs. He was approved for MinnesotaCare. We have asked many people but haven t gotten a straight answer. Is Minnesota care a state benefit that is going to affect his green card eligibility? I have money to pay for regular health insurance for him, but am curious as to if MinnesotaCare is ok for him to be enrolled in before we decline the coverage.

Please only reply if you have helpful knowledge on this topic.

thank you

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