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  1. Actually my passport, passport card, naturalization certificate all came exactly 6-7 business days after I applied which was on Oath day. I'm so glad my decision to apply for N400 with pending ROC worked out in my favor. That's kinda like what the officer told me. He said "I'm only talking to you now cuz of the N400 and we are now at a point where i HAVE TO look at your roc". True I may have gotten my green card earlier and applied for N400 after getting it but back then I didn't see the benefit and there was no guarantee either. I know most ppl in this channel applied for N400 already but anyone on the fence should go for it with pending ROC. Working on my global entry now and can finally put all this behind me. I shredded all my previous USCIS notices and any immigration related docs. So glad I don't have to hoard these docs with me everywhere I go. Thank you visajourney. Adios! Wish you all the best. Y'all gonna be thru with is very very soon and when it's done, gotta find that next goal. ❤️
  2. U do realize this is a public forum and all your posts can be correlated to your application and used against you, right? No one wants to have their personal info shared but this is not about you. This is about the US govt screening each application for fraud and if you have something to hide, posting on here sure wasn't the best decision. I heard of someone out here getting traced by USCIS over some questionable comments and was approached by some authorities. FYI USCIS is well aware of visajourney, ***removed*** and other similar forums. To answer your question though they don't need your phone to search thru your social media and your activity online. When I went for my initial interview they did ask to see my phone and went thru my Facebook. But if there was anything alarming I think you would have gotten a visit already, not by USCIS though. So now that this has come out, id recommend cleaning your phone before you go but I doubt they would check your phone.
  3. @dilip how can u get your passport so soon? I thought you applied on the 12th? So that was less than 2 weeks not including shipping. Did you expedite the application? Congrats on passport. Did you also apply for passport card? Dave
  4. Oath done at Philadelphia. Came as F1 in 2007 Opt from 2011 to 2013 H1B 2013 to 2015 Got married in June 2015 Applied for marriage based GC in Sept 15, 2015 Got 2 year green card in Jan 2016 Applied for roc in Oct 2017 Applied for n400 in dec 2018 Combo interview jul 8th N400 approved same day, just a couple hrs later Got 10 green card in mail jul 12th Oath was today 19th Registered to vote and applied for passport today 19th It's over...finally. thank you visajourney
  5. @dilip OMG it's over..finally I'm so happy for you. Congratulations. Can u please detail your Oath ceremony? What do they do there and what should I expect? How long did it take? How many ppl were there? What do I need to bring to apply for the passport? Where did u apply for passport? What do I need prefilled? How happy are you now that u can finally put all this behind you..? It's been a long journey!! Congrats again.
  6. Yes u do have to give up PR card. You can't have both. Why USCIS gave u a green card only to take it 3 days later is because u applied for n400 and it's also the due process. You paid for green card you get a green card
  7. @Ausa @dilip my oath scheduled for July 19th and my green card arriving tonight.
  8. @dilip @Ausa thanks Dilip for providing the timelines. Well they approved i-751 and said card is being produced and for n400, they also approved and scheduled me for Oath just 3 hours after interview. That was a quick turn around.
  9. @dilip oh WOW - congratulations!!!! I meant to ask you if your status had changed online and whats been the latest. So you got Oath July for the 15th - that is great! Does that means i may get Oath about a week or so later as well? So you think mine may be before the 24th? When did your status change online for N400 and I-751? When did you get a notice for your Oath ceremony? @Ausa you are next my friend and i wish you best of luck! oh and by the way, they didn't take my expired green card now either. I thought they would take it then - when i had an infopass last month for a 1 year extension but they didn't. @dilip , do you still have yours?
  10. @dilip So had the N400 interview today [July 8th]... Showed up like 15 mins before interview and got called on time. I got notice for N400 only but i brought Spouse just in case. Also the USCIS response to my out of processing window indicated they would be adjudicated together but then again, this could have just been a generic response. I got up and walked to officer and he noticed that my partner was there as well and he asked me if I meant to bring him in as well. I wasn't sure if he wanted to do N400 first. Anyhow we followed him to his office and he was absolutely professional and courteous. It was a pleasant experience. I had brought with me additional evidence, latest tax return and bank statements. He asked for my passport, ID and green card. I verified name and got fingerprinted and signed a couple forms. Casually asked "Asked how long we been married?" He then announced that he would be conducting the N400. (Questions asked below...) 1. What does the judicial branch do? 2. What ocean borders the east coast? 3. How many justices does the supreme court has? 4. We elect a President for how many years? 5. What are the two major political parties in the United States? 6. Who was the president during WW1? Casually asked "how did we meet?" He said I passed N400 but couldn't approve since my I-751 is pending and he needs to have another colleague review before he can put final approval. He did say I wouldn't need to come back for the I-751 interview since he kinda conducted both and that was a surprise to me because he didn't make the interview transition from one to the other. I was worried he was going to mHiss seeing a document and i'd have to come back again or get an RFE since i had brought everything with me for him to go over. I mentioned i had brought original birth certs and marriage cert etc.. and he went over them briefly. He said I was done and could go home. Hope this helps you all! Dave
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