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  1. I got screenshot of all the messages he wrote to other woman
  2. So I find out he is cheating on me telling woman he is single and divorce. Whereas we still married
  3. Hi everybody am seeking advice for green card. Me and husband got married in Oct 2018 and we applied for the IR1 visa. I got my visa 10th March 2020 when covid hit. So I moved to California 12th of July 2020 and received my greencard date 07/12/20 through 07/12/30 which is 10yrs. I was thinking when you apply you get 2yrs then you apply again before the 90 days anniversary. So should send the paperwork again in April or if the greencard shows 10yrs am good .My friend from same country same amount of time she got a Conditional green card whereas I got a different. So my biggest issue is since I moved here I've been going through lots of emotional abuse as my husband has drinking problem. I had to leave the house and stand on the road couple of times as am scared he might hit me.. i had to go through counseling. We are not compatible at all so we might go for a divorce. What are my rights. Am not working I go to school and I have no savings. I can't pay a lawyer. Will i lose my green card status? Thank you for helping me out
  4. Hello everyone new updates. I arrived on 11th of July. This morning I received my green card so that was pretty much quick. But no ssc yet. I did a second application hopefully by next week ☺️

  5. Oh OK so I will do the same I will insist because I need my card to apply for my DL. Thank you for your reply guess we in the same situation.
  6. Hi thank you for the answer. I did apply for the ssc while filling the DS-260 form. My friend same situation as mine received in 2 weeks. It's been a month since am here. May be I should wait a little bit longer. The office nearby are not taking any new application as they are close to public until further notice.
  7. Hello everyone I would like to get some enlightening regarding social security card & green card. It's been a month since I arrived in USA. I know the green card process takes 120 days as from arrival. We paidthe fees in April. But what about the social security card coz normally its takes 2 weeks & I haven't received mine yet. I tried to call the office nearby they don't have any kind of record on my name. And I can't apply for new one as the office is closed to public. This morning I called uscis to enquire but the answer wasn't very clear. The person said I will get it after my green card which is not true coz my friend received hers after 2 of weeks arrival. So bit confused about this situation. I will need the ssc to apply for my DL and bank account also. Any idea what should I do or is it just because of the whole covid thing I should wait more longer 😔😔😔 Thank you for your help
  8. Hello yea I made it through Dubai. I couldn't risks it I was lucky to get on a repatriation flight mru to Dubai Dubai new york where I went through the customs. They were easy going nothing to be scared of. Then I travel new york to sfo. Everything went on pretty much quick as there's not much people travelling. Don't worry you will be fine. Best of luck 🤗
  9. Yes definitely relieved. B positive everything gonna be alright.
  10. Hello everyone final update. I made it to California last nite. Everything went on pretty much smoothly and quick. I finally flew Mauritius to Dubai Dubai to New York new york to sfo. I was lucky I got a seat on repatriation flight emirates. Thanks for all the support during those stressful moments. Now I can relax and enjoy my married life.
  11. Hello everyone I finally made it to California ytd evening. Everything went on smoothly and quick. I finally flew Mauritius to Dubai Dubai to New York & New York to San Francisco. I cleared custom within 15mins in New York. 

    Time to start my family life 😊

  12. Mauritian don't need visa for UK and Paris. I will wait 1st of July then book my ticket as France will open up their border so there might be more options to travel.
  13. I have only 2 flight from Mauritius either Paris or London. And my final destination will be San Francisco.
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