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do we apply for benefits for immigrants
2:54 am March 30, 2020



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hello guys,

hope you are all well and fine.

i just want to ask , i just arrived one months ago with bith my wife and daughter to the US.

My wife was about to star work at a place and got approved but was delayed because of the corona outbreak, and i have started studying for real estate.

now are we entitled to any claim of goverment benefits?

we have received the social security card but the green card has not yet arrived since it takes 3 month.

any help would be appreciated.

please take care

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NVC case number
6:48 pm March 27, 2020


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Hello everyone!
My Fianc s petition was approved March 5, approximately how long do I have to wait for the NVC to assign my case number and move forward with the visa process?

thanks in advanced!

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N-400 interview
6:01 am March 8, 2020


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Does my husband need to take our tax return papers to his N-400 interview? The paper they sent didn t tell us to bring them but online said to bring them for the last 3 years. Any thing else I need to bring that they maybe didn t put on the letter?

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Applying for citizenship N400 (merged topics)
1:36 am February 23, 2020


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I am k1 visa holder. I got divorced than I remove the condition. Now I have 10 years Green Card. It is time to apply for N400 citzenship. BUT I had a big fight with my x wife few years ago. I kick her out of the house. He dad call the cops and the cop came to my house accusing me with insulting and threatening her.

The cops just told me that they are just going too talk to me. They came inside the house. Asked me if I hit her ore anything which I did not.

The cops made sure that we know the law if she hit me or I hit her. One of us will go to Jail. Then they left

They did not take my ID. They did not do anything.

Is that arrest or charge or anything?

Should I mention it in the application?

What should I mention?

I never have any thing else rather than that story.

Please help me


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I-864, federal income tax return
4:17 am February 18, 2020

mohammad mus

Mohammad mus

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Hello everyone, I am helping my friend to file his paperwork and everything is ready except I-864 for his fiance, he has joint sponsor since she didn't work in the last 4 years, what should we put in items 24.a,b,c ?? zeros is my guess but then what should we answer item 24 , if I check the checkbox what supporting evidence that we have to submit that she was not required to file federal income tax returns. thanks

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