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Get your COVID Shots.
1:26 am yesterday



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As always, choices should be considered on a case by case basis. We had do go the K1 route because my fianc couldn t not get a B1/B2 to the US due to the Muslim ban and same sex marriage is illegal in his home country. We waited two years with me traveling back and forth every two or three months for two weeks to visit. I am able to work remotely. So we went K1. We still had to file Writ of Mandamus to get the answer. We were approved. Two weeks later he and our son were here and we married two weeks after that in January 2021. The AOS was filed and our appointment is scheduled for the end of May 2022.

Two things to note. The medical exam for the K1 is not valid past it s expiry date. It had to be redone. We had both already had the two COVID shots so we re were fine there. The exam cost $550 each for him and our son. We did not have the luxury of shopping around because the approved civil surgeons were either booked or would not do the exam for a child in the time frame between notice and interview. .

in October 2021 the rule changed and children over the age of five must now be fully vaccinated against COVID. We have a lawyer handling our application and they have been very thorough but the dropped the ball here in not telling us. There is less than 21 days between the exam/first shot and the interview so we will get an RFE for the medical for our son s vaccinations. .

In short, K1 was the only way for us to go, the short warning about the interview made getting the medical difficult and the COVID vaccine requirement was a surprise. Fortunately we have been carefully compiling all the required evidence over the past year and are well prepared in that regard.

so get your COVID shots and avoid a time crunch which may result in an unnecessary RFE.

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Processing Updates (I-751) for SRC (Texas Service Center)
4:35 am May 3, 2022


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So, I know we have a the super handy spreadsheet but for my own sanity, I wanted to make this thread in case any other SRC I-751 Filers would like to keep others updated if we hear anything. It seems that SRC went from full steam ahead to full stop. In previous filings, I was able to trace what month they were generally working on based on the monthly chats but now it looks like they've stopped abruptly.

Anyway, I'll bring the tacos if y'all bring the updates!

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Moving States so close to ROC processing time
4:25 am April 11, 2022


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Hi y'all,

So, we filed my husband's ROC in Aug 2021 and are super close to the "timeframe" for approval/interview. However, we (or at least I) need to move states in August for my job but I don't know if him coming with me will cause a change in service center or further delays. If so, we are considering him staying behind until his paperwork is complete. Additionally, my sister lives around the corner so another option if the physical location won't affect it is to change our physical location but set her address as our forwarding address.

Will his case be transferred with a change of physical location? IF so, will having a local forwarding address keep his case in queue at our current service center?

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Should I Wait to File I-864? [split topic]
10:59 pm April 7, 2022



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On 7/29/2020 at 11:43 AM, pushbrk said:

I didn't say a thing about paying taxes. I said file the federal tax return. State tax returns are irrelevant to the I-864. Words mean thing. No need for "other words". I meant exactly what I said.

Hello. My father has two businesses and he already filed for business tax extension for 2021. However, he still hasn't filed for individual tax extension for 2021 yet. Also, my father is my joint sponsor. I included the extension and tax returns from previous years with a statement explaining that tax returns for 2021 haven't been filed yet and attached the business extensions. My question is: Should I wait until my dad file his individual tax extension to submit the i864 so that i can attach the individual extension with the i864 or would the business tax extensions be enough with his statement? Thank you

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Even with “Muslim Ban” gone, DS-5535 & 221(g) are disproportionally impacting Middle Eastern applicants
10:46 pm March 28, 2022



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And it s such a heartbreaking shame. I know the new administration said they were going to review the procedure, but this form is being passed out like candy, which in my opinion, isn t the problem. The problem is the fact I ve seen applicants wait upwards of 5 years to get this clearance.

This should not be the black hole that it is. I completely respect national security concerns, but I m sure their Mandamus lawsuit count and their email inbox would appreciate a little more clarity to those who are quite literally putting their lives on hold.

Just my thoughts.

-A 6-month & counting Victim of DS-5535

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