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US Immigration from Lebanon

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Case updated 3 times in 10 days
7:19 pm October 8, 2019



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can someone please explain to me what it means that my case was updated in less than 10 days 3 times,
my interview was in 12 september for an f4 immigration visa and was given ds-5535 and i am under AP.
case was updated on:
1 october
7 october
8 october
does that mean anything?

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what does "case last updated" mean?
3:19 pm October 1, 2019



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hello, will someone please expalin what the "case last updated" changing of the DATE means ,especially during administrative processing,

is it a good sign or not.

there has been several opinions on the matter, some people said it is good since it shows that the case is being worked on and others

said it is insignificant since it is probable automated.

please can some on answer this case?


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my situation in the DS-5535
3:44 pm September 25, 2019



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hello guys,

we have an f4 visa type, and one member in the family ( my son 19 years old) was given the ds-5535 form to submit (which he did), after the interview.

the CC told him not to worry, because he told her that his university will start this fall, but she assured him that he defer his entrance to the university until spring

and reassured him not to worry.

my question is ;

1-are all visa types with DS-5535 treated the same since its been 13 years now since we applied

2-when the counselor assured my son about deferring his entrance to university to spring, was she giving us a sign that the AP will be cleared by then.

thankyou in advance for any help on this matter

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website to track 221(g)
12:28 pm September 21, 2019



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great website to contribute and track 221(g)


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Son and husband of my soon to be permanent resident sister
10:28 am September 21, 2019



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I am a US citizen and I petitioned for my sister many years ago to become a US resident. (I believe I filed I-130). At the time she was single with no kids. Now my sister is married with a child. I expect her to get her call from the embassy soon for a green card interview. Does her status as a green card holder allow her current husband and 2 year old son to become residents as well?

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