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US Immigration from Lebanon

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n400 withdraw form that we didn't request
5:04 pm yesterday


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Hello everyone I'm seeking your help if anybody knows what is going on with wife's n400 form. So she had the interview 3 days ago. she passed her civic test but officer said decision cant be made since she filed before three years even though when we filed it was two years and 9 months. Today I checked the status it says On May 14, 2024, we received your request to withdraw your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, Receipt Number ********** and completed our review. We mailed you a Withdrawal Acknowledgment Notice. If you do not receive your Withdrawal Acknowledgment Notice by June 13, 2024. Anyone familiar with this? we didn't request any withdrawals. I appreciate your help. thank you god bless

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Fiance Visa K1 - Online Engagement Ceremony is Acceptable
8:51 pm May 14, 2024


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Fiance Visa K1 - Online Engagement Ceremony is Acceptable.

We are officially engaged but I was in America and my fiancee was in her country we did the engagement party online because the paperwork takes time and I had to go back to America.

Is that ok? or acceptable since we have already met? Thanks.

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DS 5535 Question
11:39 pm April 23, 2024



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Hello guys, I hope you are doing well all.

My mom got a DS 5535 paper at the embassy in Beirut, her appointment was at March 20th, i have sent the form on March 24th, the date started to update right after on the NVC status, however it is not updating anymore since April 8th (15 days ago), i know we cant do anything timewise but i contacted the embassy by email just to make sure they've received the form, i got no answers, is there anyone within the same boat ?

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Administrative Processing for K1 fiance
2:11 am April 16, 2024



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My fianc 's K1 fianc visa is currently undergoing administrative processing, his interview was in Beirut Lebanon on March 19th, 2024. I'm sure everyone knows the unfortunate conflict that is taking place in Lebanon currently and my fiance and his family had escaped and fled from southern Lebanon since beginning of October to find safety. We were obviously extremely upset once we found out the visa had to go through administrative processing because #1 we want to finally be with each other and start our lives together and 2 which is so important I want to get my fianc to safety and bring him over to me. He has been impacted heavily during this conflict with him fleeing from his home and his family's home getting damaged due to the bombardments around it. It has been such a traumatizing hard time recently and not knowing when we will hear back from them about his visa is absolutely heart shattering. I searched it up what reasons could possibly be counted to expediate his process or hear something back and I saw somewhere where they mentioned a humanitarian reason could be a good reason to have your case expedited. He is suffering from this conflict tremendously wouldn't this be considered a "humanitarian reason"?? I know it has only been a month but the conflict is still going on and were living with extreme anxiety and depression due to it and due to the wait.. Please any advice could help.

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Waiting on IR-5 interview in Beirut, Lebanon (Split)
4:34 pm March 9, 2024


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Hello, I am new to this forum and I have a few questions:

- I am in the US and I became a citizen a few months ago, My mom in Beirut and her NVC case is DQ as of March 8th 2024. from what I read here it seems like it might take 6 months for her to get her interview at the consulate in Beirut. My question is can she do the interview in Arabic? she does not speak english, will the embassy provides translators if needed? thanks

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