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CR1 IR1 Administrative Processing 221g - Share your experience!
12:23 pm yesterday


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I feel that there is no 1 thread to share experience and timelines for AP.

It's a frustrating time so it might be helpful to share timelines and experiences to get a feel.


Our case:

Interview (10/9/2018) went very well but was given a white 221g for missing documents - proof of domicile and I864A

Was asked to send my passport with the missing papers.

We provided all missing documents 2 days after and sent the passport as well.

The passport was returned to me few days later.

We have been in AP since.

We were planning on being in the US by now but this is not happening now, and it's very frustrating since I am pregnant and wanted to buy a house and get it ready before the baby is born!

What has been your experience so far?

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Has anyone applied for an L visa while on AP for green card?
9:31 am yesterday


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Hello, I was put on AP during after my interview because they needed more papers.

I provided the papers but I'm worried it will take long given what I'm hearing about AP.

I do have a job waiting for me in the US since my company is moving me there as well so they could apply for an L visa for me.

Does anyone know if I can apply for an L visa if the AP takes long?


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Does the embassy keep the passport during AP?
3:48 pm yesterday


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I had the interview at the embassy on 10/9 but they requested that I fill in another co-sponsor form and to provide proof that my husband will be moving back to the US as well.

I remember the consular officer telling to send the documents along with my passport. So I did. on 10/12

Today on 10/17 I received in the mail my passport back, nothing else.

What does that mean? Is this a rejection?

Online it still says administrative processing still so I'm wondering if I just shouldn't have sent my passport along with the papers?

Were you advised to send your passport or keep it?


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only have the shots summmary
4:19 pm yesterday


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hi all,

so i was looking at the second envelop that the doctor gave me after my medicals and i found out that he gave me one cd and one paper stating what shots i took.

anw i think this is form i-693 (first page only).

do i need more than this paper further in the process?

what is the DS-3025 and what if i dont have it?

is I-693 the one that i would send at AOS as medical proof??

thanks for the help..

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NVC waiting period
1:16 am yesterday


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USCIS denied my wife petition. I appealed their decision & I won. They sent me NOA I797 & they forward my case to NVC for visa processing on August 28,2018. I appreciate if anyone will explain to me how long it takes to notify my wife in Lebanon, & what s next. I have been waiting for long time for this. I filled on June 2016 & everything wrong had happened with my petition. Thanks

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