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Keeping passport VS giving passport back
2:05 pm yesterday


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After reading different posts here I can see that in some cases the embassy asked to fill in DS5535 and either kept their passports or gave the passports back to the applicants.

What is the logic or difference between keeping a passport vs giving it back? Is there really a meaning behind each case?


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Apartment lease - IR5 Visas
3:55 pm May 17, 2023



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hello everyone,

I hope I am posting this in the right place - if not, mods, please feel free to move it to where it belongs.

I filed for my parents and they are having their IR5 visa interviews soon. Meanwhile I was looking for a bigger place to move into in case they do get their visas. I found an apartment that is available for rent, I contacted the leasing agency and they had certain financial requirements. I met all the requirements, however, when I was asked about the tenants, I told them it will be me (US citizen) and 2 parents. They requested to see their Green cards to be added on the lease. I explained that they don't have their green cards yet, and that they will have IR5 visas, which allows them to get a job, get a driving license and basically serves as an actual GC. They rental agency refused to rent me the place. Saying they only accept actual green cards. Saying this is their "Management Policy". This agency is one of the best in the state and they have many rental properties. They will not rent me anything with my parents unless they have the physical GC.

This is in the state of New Hampshire. Is there anything I can do about this situation?


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PR Filing For Unmarried Son Under 21
4:27 pm April 9, 2023



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Hello everyone and Happy Easter,

From what I understand, there is a visa category for Permanent Residents to file for their unmarried kids who are under 21. My question is, should the kids be under 21 at the time of the visa issuing? Should they be under 21 when the I-130 is approved?

I am asking for my parents in case they want to file for my brother who is now 19. Given there is 2 years until he will be 21.

Not sure at what stage the age is considered a qualifying factor.

Thank you

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discovered mistakes in submitted I864 form 10 days before interview
6:57 pm March 12, 2023



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I discovered 10 day before my iv interview that there are seceral mistakes in our submitted I864 form.

can we just upload and submit an updated form ? Or there will be an issue?

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NVC Expedite Approved
3:34 pm March 2, 2023



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Hello everyone,

I have 2 cases at NVC for my parents, I submitted all the required documents and paid the fees.

2 days after that I requested an expedite from NVC and provided the supporting documents.

NVC responded that the expedite request has been approved as below.

My question is that does this also expedite the processing at NVC (reviewing the affidavit of support + DS260) or just expedite the process at the embassy once they receive the case from NVC?


Thank you

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